15 Must-Have Products for Controlling Diabetes

1. best Atta for diabetics

Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta is the most popular Diabetes friendly atta in India. It is really low on carbs- only 1 gm Net Carb per Roti, with the same great taste. It contains Whole wheat, Methi, Oats, Soya, Channa and Psyllium husk. This atta is rich in fiber and has a good amount of protein.

2. Diabetic Friendly Herbal Cane Sugar

Even though it is sweet, this sugar can lower Blood Glucose levels, due to its rich anti-oxidants. It can reduce cholesterol levels and helps in weight loss. Additionally it has medicinal properties due to gooseberry, pomegranate, turmeric, fenugreek, black pepper and cinnamon.
If you have a taste for sweetness and don't find any apt sugar substitutes, then check out this product to get your dose of healthy sweetener.

3. best diabetic BISCUITS

These are tasty biscuits made of Karela [Bitter Gourd/Kakarakaya], which is proven to have anti-diabetic property. It also has almonds, oats and whole wheat. They are sugar-free biscuits with no cholesterol. This can be a healthy evening snack, if you have glucose levels, above normal limits.


These are low Glycemic Index Basmati rice having extra Long Grains. Numerous reviews in Amazon certify its delicious taste and aroma. It has only a minimal effect of increasing sugar and cholesterol. and can be safely eaten for individuals with diabetes.

5. indian DIabetic Diet plan 

Only Diabetes Diet in the Internet, which is created by an expert Medical Doctor, based on Indian foods.

Contains 73 pages of Diabetes Diet, including 7 Day Sample Diet Menu, for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

6. best diabetic tea

Tea is one of the common staples in the Indian kitchen. While regular tea can give you minimal benefits, this product elevates your health in many ways. This has an anti-diabetic formula that helps in regulating blood sugar. It helps to rejuvenate the body and provides ample proteins to the body.

7. DIABETES FRIENDLY Sonamasuri Brown Rice

This unpolished brown rice is rich in fiber and have a lower Glycemic Index than regualr rice. This product is completely organic with 12 months of shelf life. It can effectively control blood suagr and cholesterol levels.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar - to reduce hunger due to Diabetes

Apple Cider Vinegar can be taken along with lunch and dinner, to increase the feeling of fullness, thereby helping in reducing hunger, which is common in diabetes. It improves overall immunity and has a high amount of vitamins and minerals. This particular brand is the best one available, made of apples grown in Upper Himalayas.

9. Most accurate Glucometer

Geeting an accurate blood glucose level readings is very important to decide the accurate amount of medicines for Diabetes . This kit is ISO certified and elegantly designed only with two buttons for checking the blood glucose level. It is reviewed as the most accurate glucometer, available online.

10. SWeet tulsi- best Sweetener for diabetes

Who says diabetic diet will have to be sweet-free, with this natural alternative, you can indulge in your sweet craving healthily. It reduces your calorie intake and are designed for a better and happier lifestyle. It is completely organic and consists of the leaves of a plant called Sweet Tulsi or Stevia.

11. Best Diabetic breakfast cereal

Choosing an ideal breakfast food that does not raise sugar levels is highly challenging. Wholegrain rolled oats can keep you full for a longer duration, due to its high amount of fibre. It also contains beta-glucan that can help improve insulin response and reduce blood sugar too. Chia seeds in it are good for your heart, and the fruits in it are dried without adding sugar. Overall, this is an excellent choice for a healthy diabetes breakfast

12. Diabetic friendly White Rice

If you are told, diabetic people cannot eat white rice, chill now. Check this product and see the amazing benefits of this unpolished zero sugar white rice can give you. To know more about the benefits and to stock up your grocery needs, check the below link,

13. Slippers FOR LEG PAIN

Designed for comfort with a magnetic effect, it provides a soft and soothing experience. Much required for individuals with diabetes, who are suffering from pain or tingling sensation in the legs and foot.

14. Karela Jamun Juice to reduce sugar levels

Karela and Jamun are traditional remedies that can bring down blood sugar levels. These juices  are equally effective for reducing cholesterol too, as vouched by many diabetic people, who have posted 2000 reviews star reviews for this best selling product.

15. Ashwagandha - for Diabetes, Arthritis and Hypertension

Ashwagandha is called Indian Ginseng, as it helps to cope with life's daily stress and fight metabolic disorders like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and to reduce anxiety. It can also promote sexual health by uplifting the mood, improving energy levels and fertility, thereby supporting sexual performance.

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