Fasting Sugar Test (FBS) – How Many Hours of Fasting is Ideal?

Fasting Sugar Test (FBS) – How Many Hours of Fasting is Ideal

Most of the diabetes test requires fasting. One such test is the fasting blood sugar test(FBS). It indicates whether the person has acquired diabetes or not. It also dictates the possibility of the person acquiring the disease. However, some tests can be done without having to undergo any fasting period. How many Hours of Fasting … Read more

8 Benefits & Side effects of LIV 52 Syrup

8 Benefits & Side effects of LIV 52 Syrup

LIV 52 is a product of Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. The medicine is highly effective in curing cirrhosis, alcoholism, and fatty infiltration of the liver. It is nurtured with a precise combination of various herbs that are highly potent in protecting the liver from many disorders. LIV 52 has many variants. It is available in the … Read more

Does Madhunashini Vati Affect Kidneys? (10 Uses and Dosage)

Madhunashini Vati Diabetes Kidney

Divya Madhunashini Vati, a product of Patanjali Ayurveda, is one of the most sought-after ayurvedic medicine for insulin-dependent diabetes or type2 diabetes. This article aims to find answers to two prominent questions put up by diabetic patients. First, does Madhunashini Vati Affect Kidneys? Secondly, how effective is it in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Does … Read more

Why Can’t Lancet be Used Twice? (Expert Tips to Choose the Best)

Why Cant Lancet be Used Twice

Lancets are part of every test for diabetes patients, even if they perform the test at home or hospital. This sharper needle helps take the blood required by pricking the site from where the sample is acquired. Why can’t Lancet be Used Twice? When the lancet is used repeatedly, the sharpness tends to diminish with … Read more

Which are the Fastest Healing Ointments? (Top 5)

Which are the Fastest Healing Ointments Top 5 Options

Well, if you are a diabetic patient, you might have experienced frequent wounds. The worst part is they heal very slowly and lead to further deepening or spreading of the infection. Thus, it is required to use necessary creams, antibacterial and antibiotic gels, and ointments that promote wound healing. Alongside this, you must also be … Read more

How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Levels Overnight? Is It Possible?

How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Levels OvernightIs It Possible

Our body forms from billions of cells. To create energy, the cells need energy in single units known as glucose. When we consume something, it breaks down into a simple carbohydrate form known as glucose. Glucose gives the energy to our body required daily to perform activities of daily life. Diabetes mellitus A chronic disease … Read more

Can Diabetes Cause Dry Lips? 9 Solutions

Can Diabetes Cause Dry Lips? 9 Easy Tips for Prevention

The answer to this question is simple – Yes, Diabetes can cause dry lips and dry mouth. It is more common in individuals with uncontrolled diabetes. Dry lips and dry mouth are common occurrences in anyone’s life. It is experienced by diabetics too. But the difference is that when a diabetic person shares it, it … Read more

Can Diabetics Eat Pickles and Olives? 6 Benefits

Can Diabetics Eat Pickles and Olives

Diabetes is a health ailment that affects a good amount of the population. It is a very prevalent problem among children, adults, as well as aged people. There are various restrictions on eating and food habits imposed on one’s lifestyle when it comes to managing diabetic health. It is important to abide by all the … Read more