Is Ginger Tea Good For Diabetes (7 Benefits and Risks)

Is Ginger Tea Good For Diabetes 7 Benefits and Risks

Ginger tea has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Ginger tea has been shown to help diabetes patients, but there are certain dangers associated with its use that should be considered before trying it on your own. Read more below to learn about ginger tea and how it affects diabetes. 7 … Read more

How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Levels Overnight? Is It Possible?

How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Levels OvernightIs It Possible

Our body forms from billions of cells. To create energy, the cells need energy in single units known as glucose. When we consume something, it breaks down into a simple carbohydrate form known as glucose. Glucose gives the energy to our body required daily to perform activities of daily life. Diabetes mellitus A chronic disease … Read more

What happens if insulin is taken after food? answered by experts

What happens if insulin is taken after food answered by experts

A lot of times, insulin intakes and injections can be missed due to various reasons. You may have forgotten to take your daily insulin before a meal, overslept, maybe you did not have your insulin injecting kit with you; maybe you ran out of insulin, the insulin pen won’t work, etc. It can be harmful … Read more

10 Best Bedtime Snacks if you have Diabetes

What can a person with diabetes eat as bedtime snacks? 10 best foods

Bedtime snacks are handy to add to your after-dinner routine, especially if you have diabetes. They prevent the chances of suffering a hypoglycemic episode at night and balance the dawn phenomenon and Somogyi effect. It is advisable to consider food items that are rich in proteins, fiber, and healthy fats.  Foods that are very rich … Read more

Best Diabetic Meats for a Nutritious Diet (Top 9)

Best Diabetic Meats

As a doctor, I often stress the importance of a healthy, balanced diet for managing diabetes. For many patients, incorporating lean protein sources like meat into their meals is a crucial part of achieving this balance. However, not all meats are created equal, and it’s essential to choose options that are low in fat and … Read more