Is Ginger Tea Good For Diabetes (7 Benefits and Risks)

Is Ginger Tea Good For Diabetes 7 Benefits and Risks

Ginger tea has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Ginger tea has been shown to help diabetes patients, but there are certain dangers associated with its use that should be considered before trying it on your own. Read more below to learn about ginger tea and how it affects diabetes. 7 … Read more

9 Fig Leaf Tea Benefits for Diabetes

9 Fig Leaf Tea Benefits for Diabetes

Fig leaf tea has been used for centuries as a natural remedy. The leaves of ficus carica are believed to help lower blood sugar and insulin levels, which can help manage diabetes. This blog post will talk about the anti-diabetic properties of fig leaf tea and the steps you should take to start drinking it … Read more

Can Passion Fruit Juice Control Hyperglycemia in Diabetes?

Can Passion Fruit Juice Control Hyperglycemia in Diabetes

Do you frequently think about what are foods that can benefit or hamper your blood sugar levels? Do you struggle with hyperglycemia as a diabetic patient and need better ways to control your blood sugar levels? Diabetes can often be a challenging ailment to beat. It is more difficult to control your diabetic conditions because … Read more

Is Brown Sugar Healthy? Is It Safe in Diabetes?

Is Brown Sugar Healthy

Managing your diabetes and maintain healthy blood sugar levels is the way to alter into a proper lifestyle. There are tons of restrictions that come along. Cutting off on sweets, sugars, desserts, etc. is the most essential part of living with diabetes. But some questions arise in the minds of many regarding the alternative sweet … Read more

Is Custard Apple Safe for Diabetics? (6 Dangers to Consider)

Custard apple in Diabetes 

As a doctor, I understand the importance of managing diabetes while still enjoying life. Custard apples, with their sweet, creamy flavor and easy availability, may seem like an ideal snack for diabetics. But is custard apple safe for diabetics? In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the 6 potential dangers of custard apples for those … Read more

What to do when Blood Sugar is High?

What to do when blood sugar is high

Increased blood sugar, particularly referred to as “Hyperglycemia” in scientific terms is a condition that arrives when blood sugar levels of the body increase beyond the normal range. ‘What to do when blood sugar is high’ is a common issue faced by most of the individuals with Diabetes. What actually happens is that to keep … Read more