9 Fig Leaf Tea Benefits for Diabetes

9 Fig Leaf Tea Benefits for Diabetes

Fig leaf tea has been used for centuries as a natural remedy. The leaves of ficus carica are believed to help lower blood sugar and insulin levels, which can help manage diabetes. This blog post will talk about the anti-diabetic properties of fig leaf tea and the steps you should take to start drinking it … Read more

Is Ber Fruit (Jujube) Good for Diabetics?


Living with blood sugar issues is a challenging task sometimes. One has to be very cautious about the lifestyle and diet changes that are recommended for diabetic patients. It can sometimes get turn out to be a little confusing about what to eat and what not to.  But there are diverse options of fruits and … Read more

Which Dal is good for Diabetes? Best 6 options for you


People often talk about diabetes and how it is affected by the consumption of rice. In all fairness, that is true, but you should not forget that diabetes is affected by other dietary components as well. The fact that rice has maximum impact on diabetics, people are so engrossed in it that they forget what … Read more