9 Dangers Of Drinking Kombucha Tea (and 9 Benefits)

9 Dangers Of Drinking Kombucha Tea (and 9 Benefits)

Kombucha tea is a regular drink for many and is loved for its taste. It is a fermented form of tea that has been consumed for many years and is still popular among all. You might have noticed the heightened popularity of Kombucha in stores and among people. This is because Kombucha has been appreciated … Read more

Carrot Juice and Diabetes (7 Benefits & 6 Alternatives)

Carrot Juice and Diabetes 7 Benefits and 6 Alternatives

Juices are generally considered unhealthy for diabetics. However, consuming homemade juices squeezed out of fruits having low GI is a good practice, but to a limited extent. Have you ever tried or wanted to try carrot juice for diabetes? Carrot juice comes with many health perks. But again, like every time, you are stuck over … Read more

Is Peanut Butter Good for Diabetes? (10 Benefits)

Is Peanut Butter Good for Diabetes 10 Health Benefits

If you are aware of your diabetic health conditions and keep your food portions in control, then peanut butter is amazing for your health. Peanut butter is said to be amazing for diabetic patients, but it is higher in calories, and therefore it must be had in moderated quantities only. Unsweetened Peanut butter has been … Read more

Is Cashew Nuts Good for Diabetes? (4 Alternatives)

Is Cashew Nuts Good for Diabetes? 4 Better Alternatives

Cashews are definitely among the most relished choices for nuts. They are sweet and very versatile. But are they safe for diabetic patients as well? You might be wondering … There are several nuts and seeds out there that can be very helpful in keeping the body healthy. Cashew nuts are one of these healthy … Read more

Is Litchi Good for Diabetic Patients? (8 Health Benefits)


It is a tasty fruit and a seasonal one. Given these factors, we often hoard excess amounts without realizing their effects on our health. As a diabetic patient, it is more common to be drawn to these sweet and juicy fruits. However, it is necessary to control your cravings and indulge in safe and limited … Read more

Is Pomelo Good for Diabetes? 7 Health Benefits

Is Pomelo Good for Diabetes? 7 Health Benefits

Living healthy is a dream and often a goal for everyone. This end may seem like an unachievable one when it is interrupted with hindrances such as – Diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects an individual’s metabolism and, thus, all related functions. Diabetic patients are advised to put special attention to key food … Read more

Are Citrus Fruits Good for Diabetics? 9 Health Benefits

Are Citrus Fruits Good for Diabetics? 9 Health Benefits

Fruits are one of the easiest choices to keep your body healthy. They are sweet, delicious, juicy, and very nutritious. Fruits are among those foods that are filled with a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, fibers, minerals, water, etc., all in one. Thus, fruits make a perfect fit for healthy diets. But what about … Read more

Is Chawanprash Good for Diabetes? 6 Sugar Free Options

Is Chawanprash Good for Diabetes? 6 Sugar Free Options

Are you a diabetes patient? If so, then chances are that you are always in search of healthy food and other supplements to add to your diet. Eating healthy and keeping the blood sugar levels under check is one of the major necessities of the diabetic body. Diabetes is a major affective disorder and influences … Read more

Is Ber Fruit (Jujube) Good for Diabetics?


Living with blood sugar issues is a challenging task sometimes. One has to be very cautious about the lifestyle and diet changes that are recommended for diabetic patients. It can sometimes get turn out to be a little confusing about what to eat and what not to.  But there are diverse options of fruits and … Read more

How much Turmeric should you take for Health Benefits?

How much Turmeric should you take for Health Benefits

Your everyday habits can bring in the most positive changes in your life. Starting from a healthy wake-up routine, exercise, and not to forget – food habits, everything plays a crucial role. Food habits are among the most important when it comes to maintaining good health. Turmeric is one of the kings of remedial spices. … Read more