Carrot Juice and Diabetes (7 Benefits & 6 Alternatives)

Last Updated on July 31, 2021 by Dr Sharon Baisil MD

Juices are generally considered unhealthy for diabetics. However, consuming homemade juices squeezed out of fruits having low GI is a good practice, but to a limited extent.

Have you ever tried or wanted to try carrot juice for diabetes? Carrot juice comes with many health perks. But again, like every time, you are stuck over the thought of whether if diabetics can safely consume carrot juice or not.

To know the benefits and serving size of carrot juice for diabetics, keep reading the article till the end. You will know why despite having a significant amount of carbohydrates, carrots are not considered that bad for diabetes.

Can Diabetics Drink Carrot Juice?

The glycemic index of carrot juice is 86, which is higher than the safe limit for diabetes. Its glycemic load is also high, as the fibers are broken down during the juicing process. Hence it is not advised for individuals with uncontrolled diabetes to have carrot juices, even in the unsweetened form.

Veggie causing Diabetes

If you are diabetic, but with the blood sugar levels under control, you can take carrot juice in moderation, considering its health benefits.

7 Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice

Carrots are juicy and tasty vegetables that are eaten both in raw as well as cooked form. If you do not like eating carrots, today you will know many good reasons to eat them.

1. Prevents Damaging of Nerves

The carrot juice has the potency to prevent numbness, which is a common diabetic symptom. The presence of alpha-lipoic acid protects skin cells.

2. Boost Immunity

This juice builds up immunity against infections and certain diseases. The antioxidants make the body strong enough to fight bacterial and viral agents that carry diseases. Carrots are a natural remedy for constipation. The regular consumption of carrot juice improves the metabolic processes of the body.


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3. Controls Blood Pressure

Carrot juice is an effective blood pressure lowering agent. The juice also lowers the level of cholesterol due to the presence of phosphorous.

It would help if you consumed it regularly to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

4. Keeps Skin Healthy

Carrot juice works as a natural anti-aging therapy. It sweeps away fines lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C in carrots keeps your skin clear and bright.

5. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Consumption of carrot juice is linked to the prevention of cancer. The combination of several vital nutrients present in juice can deter the activation of carcinogenic agents.

Being loaded with antioxidants, carrots reduce oxidative stress and protect the body from getting damaged by harmful free radicals.

6. Assist Weight loss

Being a potential source of fibers, carrots keep you satiated for longer hours. It also detoxifies the body, cures indigestion, and helps to shed those extra calories.

7. Improves Vision

Carrot juices are rich in n Vitamin A and help improve eyesight by enhancing the production of rhodopsin pigment in the eye. It also prevents macular degeneration and vision loss.

What is the Daily Limit for Having Carrot Juice in Diabetes?

What is the Daily Limit for Having Carrot Juice in Diabetes

The recommended daily limits for drinking carrot juice for diabetics are no more than 200 grams. This makes 8-oz servings of carrots that will contain 12 grams of sugars and 18 grams of carbohydrates.

What Juices Can Diabetics Drink?

Juices are not something any doctor will recommend to an individual diagnosed with diabetes. This is because eating raw fruit is more beneficial for your health rather than a juicy form of the same fruit.

Nevertheless, some juices are extremely healthy for diabetics. If you are one, you will witness some good changes in your body after regular consumption of below listed homemade juices.

1. Amla juice

Amla juice is no less than a miraculous tonic for people suffering from diabetes. Yes, it can do wonders for your body.

Combining it with a pinch of turmeric and drinking the same in the early morning will fetch you remarkable health benefits.

Chromium in gooseberries regulates carbohydrate metabolism and increases insulin efficacy. It is a wonderful natural remedy to fight diabetes.

2. Bitter-gourd juice

Bitter gourd or karela is a prodigy among diabetes-friendly juices. What makes this juice so ideal for diabetes?

Bitter gourds contain some natural anti-diabetic substances conferring the potency to manage diabetes excellently.

There is a substance named ‘charantin’ known for lowering blood glucose. Further, there is also a compound called p-insulin that mimics the function of insulin.

With the combined effect of these substances, you can perform exceptionally well at managing blood glucose levels. Drink a glass of bitter gourd juice every morning to get the best results.

3. Spinach juice

You might not enjoy drinking juice as it is not much delicious, but you will surely enjoy the results it brings. Spinach is abundant in amounts of folates, fibers, and some vitamins. Fibers delay the digestion of sugars preventing the surge in blood sugar levels.

4. Bottle -gourd juice

Bottle gourd juice is the first choice for people who are on weight loss. But this juice is efficient at managing diabetes too.

The assertion that bottle-gourd juice does not have any calories is what makes it preferable for diabetics. Rather, it contains plenty of water and fibers.

This means it will keep your body well hydrated while reducing the chances for spikes in blood sugar levels. You are receiving a dual advantage at almost no cost. Go for this!

5. Broccoli juice

Say hello to broccoli juice and bid goodbye to terrifyingly high blood sugar levels. The blood sugar lowering property of broccoli is due to the presence of the substance sulforaphane.

Much research has been done on this substance that reveals its efficacy in lowering blood sugar levels.

You can blend broccoli and carrot for enhanced action. You will achieve new heights in your diabetes management goals.

6. Beetroot juice

The glycemic index of beetroot is 61, conforming it to the medium range. This seems like a slightly unfit food choice for diabetes.

However, research-based evidence has a different story to tell. Beetroots are enveloped with phytochemicals that optimize the functions of insulin. Also, there are several nutrients plus robust antioxidants that bring a plethora of benefits.

The benefits include lowering high blood sugar, decreased the risk of diabetic complications, and lowered insulin resistance.

Taking all factors into account, drinking beetroot juice with some moderation is the best possible solution. Drink it either by taking one day gap in between or in combination with carrot juice.

Concluding Words

The crux of this entire article lies in the fact that carrots will not have much impact on your blood sugar levels, but you should always be careful about the number of carrots you consume. Be watchful towards your total calorie intake at the end of the day.

Also, keep monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly to detect any deviations from the safe range. If you doubt that juice negatively influences your sugar status, consult your doctor and stop taking the juice if needed.

Generally, carrot juice does not harm diabetics when quantities of carbs in the juice do not surpass the permitted calorie levels of the patient. If you successfully consume the juice in the right proportion, you will not face any problems.






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