What is Toovar Dal? 5 Proven Health Benefits & Nutrition

What is Toovar Dal? 5 Proven Health Benefits & Nutrition

Dal is a daily staple in all Indian meals. It is an essential basic item that enriches the body with a daily dose of various required nutrients. Well, there are endless choices when it comes to your everyday dals. Toovar dal is one of the most common options out there. It is used by various … Read more

What is the Sugar Content in Wheat? Is it Safe for Diabetes?


Wheat is among the most basic and commonest grains that are a staple in most diets. But when it comes to diabetes, is this a safe choice to go for wheat? As diabetics, one has to be extra attentive about what to eat and how much. Today we are here to answer some of your … Read more

Can Diabetics Eat Dry Fruits? 5 Safe Choices

Can Diabetics Eat Dry Fruits

You all probably heard about the restricted diet charts of diabetes. As excess elevated blood glucose is responsible for diabetes, people tend to choose low sugar quantity with a low glycemic index value. Dry fruits, due to its manufacturing process, are concentrated in sugar values. Most of them have a high glycemic index.  So, it … Read more

What is the glycemic index of hummus? ideal serving size and calories


Here, in this article, we will discuss the Glycemic Index of a common food item – The Hummus and discuss some major details necessary to be known by a diabetic patient. The Glycemic Index of Hummus is very low, which is just 10. However, this can vary greatly from 6 to 86, based on the … Read more

Is Makki Roti Good for Diabetes?

Makki Roti

Makki roti is considered healthy for people with diabetes as it is a carbohydrate-rich food item and an energy-rich food item. It helps in reducing the risk of heart disease as well as weight loss. However, it should be taken in moderation, as it comes under the medium glycemic index foods. Food items made with … Read more

Which Rice is Best for Diabetes – based on Scientific Research

Which Rice is Best for Diabetes – based on Scientific Research

India is the land where rice is a staple food grain of people. It’s a part of our regular meals for long. Not only people love to eat rice as such, but they also prepare several other cuisines using the same. Idli from South India is a popular example. But we are living in a … Read more