Puri and Aloo Ki Sabzi – Calories and 7 Health Benefits

Puri and Aloo Ki Sabzi – Calories and 7 Health Benefits

Our daily food habits dictate our health and its consequences. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary to make wise choices for this essential element of life. Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day. A good plate of breakfast will define how good your day will be. Among the endless breakfast … Read more

Are Prickly Pears Good for Diabetics? 8 Benefits & Nutrition

Are Prickly Pears Good for Diabetics

As diabetics, choosing, and including foods that fit your diet can be a tough job at times. There are endless restrictions and limits on food items that a diabetic has to consider before including a particular food into his/her diet. We are here to solve the dilemma you have regarding foods and your diabetic health. … Read more

Diabetes: 4 Best Diets to Lose Weight


Diabetes is a disease that comes with some other health complications which are dangerous to the patient. Controlling the blood sugar levels with a proper diet and following a healthy lifestyle is vital for diabetes patients. Increasing body weight is not a favorable situation for diabetes; maintaining a healthy weight helps reach normal blood sugar … Read more

Can We Eat Maggi or Other Instant Noodles in Diabetes?

Can We Eat Maggi or Other Instant Noodles in Diabetes

Maggi seems to be the best and easiest answer for these snacking choices, be it a long tiring day, a lazy morning, late-night cravings, or just any hungry hour. Often, this easy recipe even becomes a dinner option, rather than just breakfast or snack. Maggi, or any other instant noodles, all have many carbs, sugars, … Read more

What Indian foods should Diabetics Avoid? 15 Bad Foods

What Are 15 Indian Foods that Diabetics Should Avoid Completely

Eating Indian foods as a person with diabetes can be challenging. But it is always better and even helpful to know what kinds of food you must avoid maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Here are 15 Indian foods that diabetics should avoid completely: 1. Samosa The samosa may be the most common Indian snack and … Read more

Sugar Knocker Scientific Review – Is It Good For Diabetes?

Sugar Knocker Scientific Review - Is It Good For Diabetes

As more and more people have made a switch to ayurvedic medicines, instead of allopathic ones for treating diabetes, ayurvedic medicines are on the rise. Diabetes has become a common disease as patients are increasing every time without limits. This is due to the unhealthy food habits and lack of exercising in most of the … Read more

Glycemic Index Of South Indian Foods- The Ultimate List

Glycemic Index Of South Indian Foods- The Ultimate List

Diabetes is increasing at rapid rates in south India. If we look at the lifestyle of people living in this region, it is no surprise to find out why this epidemic is soaring here. The proportion of people with both diabetes and prediabetes is continuing to rise steadily for the last 30 years. It is … Read more

Is Makki Roti Good for Diabetes?

Makki Roti

Makki roti is considered healthy for people with diabetes as it is a carbohydrate-rich food item and an energy-rich food item. It helps in reducing the risk of heart disease as well as weight loss. However, it should be taken in moderation, as it comes under the medium glycemic index foods. Food items made with … Read more

What Nuts are Bad for Diabetes? Here are the Safe ones

What Nuts are Bad for Diabetes? Here are the Safe ones

Nuts are usually good for people with diabetes, except the salted. Make sure that you avoid salted pistachios as they can lead to hypertension. Otherwise, every nut is highly beneficial to your body. You should always prefer eating fruit salads but make sure that you eat whole fruit instead of eating any fruit juice. Add … Read more

Is Toast Better than Bread for Diabetes? Answer based on Glycemic Index


Toasts are considered a way better option as a breakfast item than the regular bread. But eating bread is also the right choice for a diabetic person. People with diabetes have to take a keen watch on something which increases the blood sugar level. Many food items have a high glycemic index, and it should … Read more