Bamboo Rice Glycemic Index – Benefits, Diabetic Recipes, Nutrition

Bamboo Rice

Ever heard of bamboo rice? Many of you might not know that a rice variety is extracted from the part of the bamboo plant. Bamboo rice is highly recommended for people with diabetes, as it has a low glycemic index of 20. This value is much less than that of common white rice. Plus, the … Read more

7 Star Apple Health Benefits (+2 Dangerous Side Effects)

Star apple diabetes glycemic index

Star Apple is a fruit that has been used by ancient cultures for centuries. The other names of star apple are milk fruit, cainito, golden leaf tree, caimito, aguay and abiaba. The scientific name of the star apple is Chrysophyllum Cainito. This article will discuss 7 star apple health benefits and 2 dangerous side effects … Read more

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bhindi (Lady’s Finger)

What is Bhindi, Ladies finger?

Bhindi or ladies’ fingers is one of the most liked vegetables. It has several health benefits and can be cooked in a variety of ways as well. 10 Health Benefits of Bhindi These available nutrients that we had a look at providing very many health benefits. They are useful for various organs and bodily functions: … Read more