Food Exchange List for Indians – Ultimate List


Staying healthy and fit is a dream of all. We do want to be worry-free and healthy to prevent any diseases or health conditions. But it all comes with time and effort. Food habits and eating are the underlying factors that are the essential elements to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diets as per one’s health … Read more

What Are 15 Indian Foods that Diabetics Should Avoid Completely?

What Are 15 Indian Foods that Diabetics Should Avoid Completely

Diabetes is a growing chronic metabolic disorder that targets the sugar levels of the body and can cause misbalance and fluctuations in the blood glucose levels. Diabetes also results in the improper production and functioning of insulin in the body. For the body, the Insulin is essential. It is secreted by the pancreas. This hormone … Read more

Does tapioca starch spike insulin?

Does tapioca starch spike insulin

Tapioca starch is not suitable for people with diabetes because it can cause a rise in blood sugar levels. It may spike the insulin levels in your body, but it is not adequate to bring down the glycemic load. Tapioca starch is extracted from the cassava plant’s storage roots. There are many health benefits of … Read more