12 Worst Cereals That Diabetics Must Avoid

12 Worst Cereals That Diabetics Must Avoid

Cereals are almost an inevitable part of everyday life. Our day’s meals start with a bowl of cereal. It is a tasty, simple, and very quick breakfast or snack option for people of all age groups. But is cereal good for you? Have you been eating the wrong cereals that may heighten your diabetes? What … Read more

Food Exchange List for Indians – Ultimate List


Staying healthy and fit is a dream of all. We do want to be worry-free and healthy to prevent any diseases or health conditions. But it all comes with time and effort. Food habits and eating are the underlying factors that are the essential elements to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diets as per one’s health … Read more

Can Diabetics Eat Corn Flakes? Limits and 4 Alternatives

Can Diabetics Eat Corn Flakes

Cereals are among the most easiest and common breakfast and snack foods. Coming to cereals, a quick bowl of corn flakes is the most famous. But is this quick-fix snack and breakfast milk cereal safe for diabetics? We will tell you all that you should know before including or continuing the consumption of corn flakes … Read more