Can Diabetics Eat Butter? 9 Benefits and Daily Limits

Can Diabetics Eat Butter? 9 Benefits and Daily Limits

Butter is known for the wonders it can bring upon the flavors, textures, and smell of foods. Butter is a worldwide favorite and used kitchen item. But is it beneficial to the body? We are here to answer your diabetes-related doubts and questions. Today, let us find out – Can diabetics eat butter? Is butter … Read more

What Indian foods should Diabetics Avoid? 15 Bad Foods

What Are 15 Indian Foods that Diabetics Should Avoid Completely

Eating Indian foods as a person with diabetes can be challenging. But it is always better and even helpful to know what kinds of food you must avoid maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Here are 15 Indian foods that diabetics should avoid completely: 1. Samosa The samosa may be the most common Indian snack and … Read more

Can a Diabetic Patient Eat Dhokla? Tips to make it Diabetes-Friendly

Can a Diabetic Patient Eat Dhokla? Tips to make it Diabetes-Friendly

A person with diabetes has to give up on previously savored snacks and dishes usually. This can be challenging for sure, but there are alternatives that one can switch to, or only stick to the low GI items. The Dhokla is one such savored snack, native to the western Indian region, but famous in the … Read more

South Indian Diet for Diabetes based on Glycemic Index

South Indian Diet for Diabetes

Diabetes statistics are witnessing a rigorous rise in South Indian states. In such a scenario, a South Indian diet for diabetes based on the glycemic index will be of great help to the people. Those who are already-fit can keep diabetes away forever and those who have already developed the disease can keep it under … Read more

5 Glucometers that gives the Most Accurate Results In 2020


Diabetes has become a common disease among the people, an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise have boosted the rate of disease. Most adults get affected by this disease; the condition arises as the blood glucose levels have a rapid increase. Certain complications can be there for diabetes patients as an aftereffect of the disease; … Read more

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Diet Plan for Indian Women

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: Diet Plan for Indian Women

The polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disease growing progressively in Indian women these days. Therefore, we found coming up with a diet plan for Indian women suffering from PCOS, the utmost necessity of the time. Recently made studies reveal that 1 out of 10 women in India is likely to get diagnosed with the polycystic … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about IME-9 Tablet – Scientific Review


Are you sick of taking countless allopathic medications for diabetes control? What about embracing an herbal solution to continue your battle against diabetes. Featuring IME 9 tablet, a potent source of herbal remedies for all the diabetics. This article intends to put forward a review of the same. We will be exploring by what degree … Read more

What are the Glycemic Index of Basmati Rice & Red Rice?

What is the Glycemic Index for Basmati Rice and Red Rice

For years, the consumption of rice during diabetes has been a topic of hot debate in the medical field. This is also the area of intensive research. Persistent efforts are being made to find out healthier variants of white rice that have a low glycemic index. The commonly eaten white rice ranks high on the … Read more

Idli and Dosa for Diabetes – Is it Good or Bad?

Idli and Dosa for Diabetes – Is it Good or Bad

If diabetes is a battleground, high blood sugar levels are your enemies. As a witty player, you need to keep a strict check on your enemies to win the game. A good way to do so is to be aware of all the relevant things one needs to know as a diabetic. Knowing the glycemic … Read more

Random Blood Sugar Levels Chart In India

Random Blood Sugar Levels Chart In India

India, the country where the prevalence of diabetes is at its peak. According to recently made studies, more youngsters in India are prone to diabetes than in western countries and that too at a very early age. Is it important to know about random blood sugar levels? Why not, nearly 70 million people in India are … Read more