Which Glucometer the Best and Most Accurate in India?

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Diabetes means that you have to slowly take up several preventive and precautionary measures in many aspects of healthcare. It does not just change your dietary routine that helps keep the health and body well maintained, but other steps that accompany the safety of dietary improvements.

One such important aspect of diabetes management is keeping a check on your body’s blood sugar levels constantly. The sugar levels of your body describe your health status and help you decipher how your glucose levels are affected, in what intensities, and what further steps to take for control.

Blood glucose tests are an inevitable part of diabetes management. It is essential to keep a check on the way your blood glucose levels fluctuate throughout the day.

This regular blood glucose testing is made handy and feasible with the presence of a glucometer at home. This is a way of finding out your glucose levels from time to time and also assures that you are under safe diabetic practices.

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Do you already use a blood glucose meter? If so, is it accurate enough?

Today we will be looking at some of the best glucometers in India that give the most accurate results. We will help you make a better choice with a range of products available for you.

But before we jump into the different types and brands, let us learn about glucometers.

What is a glucometer?

What is a glucometer

A glucometer is a device used to measure your blood glucose levels at home in very simple words. It is a device with which you can monitor your glucose levels and keep a constant check on your diabetic conditions.


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This is a wonderful device that is very efficient and useful for a diabetes patient. If you suffer from diabetes, you would be familiar with the constant ups and downs in your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Several factors such as food choices and diet, meal times, exercise, sleep routines, medicines, etc., all determine the way the body’s blood sugars are dictated. Therefore, it is best to note how these factors individually and in all affect the blood glucose levels of the body.

High or extremely unstable blood sugar levels can give rise to many physical complications such as – heart diseases, blood pressure risks, kidney infections, liver issues, etc. It is, therefore, very essential to monitor your blood glucose levels from time to time.

Glucometers are very useful as they are small and portable machines that can be used at any time. Moreover, it is also very easy to use.

Glucometers work by analyzing a small quantity of blood taken from the fingertip. A small lancet works to prick your finger lightly to obtain the blood, which is used for determining the amount of glucose in the blood.

The ease of usage makes the glucometer even more popular. It has a screen that displays the necessary information about your blood sugar levels.

Doctors also use these small and handy blood glucose measuring devices for accurate and immediate results.

There are different glucometers available in the markets, in online stores, pharmaceutical shops, etc. You can also consult your doctors to advise you about a good glucometer.

We have a list of some of the best and most accurate glucometers that are found in India. Let us have a look at this list.

Which glucometer is best and gives accurate results in India?

Are you confused about which one to go for among the sea of available options out there on glucometers? We have verified certain products available in India on specific medical and user experience and listed them out based on effectiveness, the accuracy of readings, price ranges, reviews, descriptions, and other factors.

Here are some of the best glucometers of India:

  1. Accu Chek Active Glucometer Machine

Accu Chek Active Glucometer Machine

This is one of the top options often highly preferred by individuals as well as doctors. This is a machine for the money value and is way more capable than what its size dictates.

This device comes with loads of features to make blood glucose monitoring very easy at home. The concise structure also enhances the ease of use.

First of all, this device is very capable of working and is very simple to use with only two buttons. This makes the procedure less complicated and easy to be used by people of all age groups.

It is quick as well as accurate in giving you the readings in just about 5 seconds. Moreover, the readings can be stored and revived for future reference. The Accu Check glucometer can remember up to 500 previous readings.

It also comes with free strips and lancets to carry out convenient measuring.

  1. Morepen BG – 03 Glucometer Machine

Morepen BG – 03 Glucometer Machine

This brand of glucometer is one of the best choices based on design and efficiency of use. It is one of the devices with the widest range of features and up to 50 free strips.

The advanced tech used in this device makes sure to render accurate readings to the user with a comfortable size.

In addition to all this, the Dr. Morepen device also has an alarm to signal you about when your blood glucose levels are rising out of the margins. This way, you don’t have to keep in your head all the safe blood sugar levels. The machine is capable in itself of beeping to inform you about any abnormal readings.

The product also comes with a memory feature of remembering up to 300 readings. It is also effective as the device can measure a very wide range of fluctuations starting from 20mg/dL to as high as 600mg/dL.

  1. Odin Glucometer Machine GDH-FAD

Odin Glucometer Machine GDH-FAD

This is another one of the best glucometers that you can shop for. This glucometer machine is inevitably great for its long-lasting battery life. You can carry on as many as 500 tests without worrying about the product’s dysfunction.

This device is also best known for its accurate results. The price range is one to go for and might even be the best compared to many other products in the market. The Black GDH-FAD is a must just because of the accuracy levels.

This device is also very easy to use and needs no manual coding inputs. The machine is well-equipped with glucose measure detection qualities that assist in keeping the right track.

You can also purchase this for its long 5-year warranty pack. It is very pocket-friendly, with a good display screen that shows accurate glucose readings.

  1. One-Touch select plus Glucometer device

One-Touch select plus Glucometer device

This brand is notable for its very simple yet equally effective glucose measuring machines.

This glucometer is easy to use with no buttons in the way. All that is required is to comply with the mentioned sample blood amount, and the rest can be left on the One-Touch select plus technology. You can operate this device with icons solely.

This automated device makes glucose measurements extremely convenient with the least hassles in usage. You hardly have any manual input, and no coding-related complications needed as well.

The display is added with unique and clear fonts and reading symbols that make understanding even easier. Much like the display qualities, it is also equipped with auditory features that alarm you if your readings are unstable or beyond normal levels.

Thus, it is no doubt that the One-Touch glucometer is among the most convenient ones with reviewed purchases and guaranteed accuracy within 5 seconds.

  1. OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

Just like the previous product by this brand, this one is also equally efficient. What is more to this one is the advanced facility relating your readings to the OneTouch Reveal app. Blood glucose measuring cannot get easier than this.

The display on the screens is accurately represented on the device as well as stored in the app. The varied reading feature is added with color distinctions that assist in informing when your blood sugar levels are out of control and need to be checked.

The product is priced at a reasonable rate for quality and efficiency of use.

The app also helps determine a timeline and maintains a record of when and how your blood glucose has been responding.

The strip used is made of conductive metals of high quality that ensure perfect readings. This small and handy machine changes the way you engage in your health management as a diabetic patient.

  1. Trust Fully Automated Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

Trust Fully Automated Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

This is an American brand widely used in India for its effective results at diabetes representation and blood glucose reading.

This product is extremely accurate as it removes the variations brought on by any maltose or oxygen-related interferences. The readings are very effective and quickly displayed. The reading also alerts about the differences and abnormalities, if any.

Moreover, you can get a range of measuring aspects. The device offers three modes, including a general measuring mode where you can check the glucose levels at any time. The second mode (AC mode) is specific to check your blood glucose before having any meals. And the third – PC mode is for check your blood sugars after eating a proper meal.

The design and price range are both pocket-friendly and very worth it.

There is a wide range of glucometers out there. It is necessary to opt for an effective machine and observe your glucose readings from time to time for the best control measures. 


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