Which are the Best Medicines for Diabetes Type 2 In India?

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The various food habits and everyday lifestyle choices have given rise to diabetes among the population. Along with China and the United States of America, diabetes has also made India its capital in the world.

By studies, it has been roughly stated that by the year 2030, around 80 million people in India would be suffering from diabetes. Food habits and diets have a very complicated effect on the blood sugar levels of the body.

There are many ways to keep diabetic types and levels under control. In addition to preventing and controlling it with diets, exercising, etc., it is also crucial to take the right measures that direct towards curing diabetes.

There are a variety of medicines that are available to assist in your diabetes management. They aim to avoid increased risk and aid your dietary management.

Veggie causing Diabetes

With the diagnosis of diabetes, it is necessary to focus on scheduling and attending regular appointments and clinic visits. The doctors and health experts may suggest you several medications that are to be followed daily.

Today, let us look at some best medicines for type 2 diabetes among the many found in India.

But before we jump to know the list of medicines, let us understand what Type 2 diabetes is.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Between the Type 1 and Type 2 of diabetes, the latter is more common among the population of India. It is also generally known as diabetes mellitus.


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Type 2 diabetes is when the body is inefficient in responding to insulin functions in the body. Insulin is a pancreatic hormone that assists in the proper absorption and release of food during the digestive, metabolic processes.

Due to ineffective response to insulin, the sugar after its breakdown in the body is released directly into the blood flow, making the blood glucose levels higher.

The heightened glucose levels in the body can lead to several varying complications in the body ranging from blood pressure disturbances, foot discomfort, vision defects, etc.

Managing type 2 diabetes and preventing its severing is crucial to ensure an unaffected life and reduce the vulnerability of further discomfort in the health. Along with new dietary plans and food options lower in carbs, you also have to take up necessary medication to encourage proper control and treatment of this metabolic disorder.

The medicines suited for maintaining Type 2 diabetes are aimed at regulating the blood sugar levels between meals. These drugs are focused on arousing insulin sensitivity in the body.

Insulin resistance is what leads to spiking blood sugars in Type 2 diabetics. Bringing back insulin sensitivity is required to assure keeping the blood sugar levels within healthy margins.

So, what are some effective medicines for Type 2 diabetes in India? Let us have a look at the top ones to select and administer these drugs for better diabetic management.

Which is the best medicine for diabetes type 2 in India?

There are many drug types and formulas that help keep the blood sugar levels and aim to increase insulin sensitivity in the body. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled very efficiently with the proper utilization of medications and drugs.

It is best to refer your doctors and specialists for a perfect medicinal solution to target your diabetic deficiencies and blood sugars. This way, you can make sure to include all the right doses and take medicines that are healthy and safe for you.

The best medicines for type 2 Diabetes include:

  1. Metformin


This is an oral drug available in tablet forms to administer to diabetic patients. It aims to reduce blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics. This drug focuses on treating type 2 diabetics only

and helps increase the body’s sensitivity towards insulin. The cells and tissues become more reactive to insulin and assist in better carbohydrate breakdown that helps to avoid immediately as well as later rising of the blood sugar levels beyond unhealthy levels,

Metformin, however, must be taken with caution if you have kidney disorders. Also, if you suffer from diabetic ketoacidosis or metabolic acidosis, you may face increased allergic reactions and other side effects due to metformin.

Hence, be sure to reach out to your doctor to treat any such consequences and mostly to prevent its occurrence from the very beginning.

This drug is found easily in numerous tablet forms.

  1. Mixtard human insulin by Novo Nordisk

Medicines for Diabetes Type 2

This is an injection-based medicine aimed to treat insulin defects in Type 2 diabetics. Its usage is to be done under prescriptions for best results and no risks.

This insulin is to be administered to the body 30 minutes before having any meals. The dosages must be regulated well to suit your blood sugar levels and reduce any risks of hypoglycemia.

  1. Novartis Galvus Met

Medicines for Diabetes Type 2

This tablet medicine is one of the commonest type 2 diabetes medicines available in India.

This drug also has metformin and thus helps in controlling the rising blood sugars in the body. This medicine is a combination of many diabetes-specific drugs and, therefore, many diabetic issues and not just spikes in sugar levels.

Factors such as your BMI, diabetic blood sugar levels, insulin levels, age, etc., decide your dosage of this medicine.

This is also a medicine that has to be received under the doctor’s recommendation. Otherwise, there might be various side effects such as – dizziness, vision defects, nausea, etc.

If you experience such side effects or even hypoglycemia, you must go back to your doctors for immediate safety measures.

  1. Lantus insulin


Lantus is insulin, which is artificial. It is the insulin that is used for type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes.

Lantus makes use of insulin glargine as it is very effective and long-lasting as well. A Lantus injection may even work as long as 24 hours.

Many brands supply this insulin in several different dosages. It is best to induce these injections under your doctor’s instructions. Also, if you are suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis, you should refrain from having this insulin injection.

Lower and hypoglycemic blood sugar levels are also to be kept away from administering this human insulin. In rare cases, this drug may induce weight gain.

Apart from these risks, if you observe other negative signs such as swelling, rashes, redness, etc., you should visit your doctors in the injected spot and excess pain.

  1. Glimepiride


This tablet help to reduce the high blood glucose levels, just like metformin to the body.

However, its mechanism is different from that of metformin. It decreases the absorption of carbs broken down into sugars in the intestine. This, in turn, decreases the overall production of glucose in the liver.

Eventually, this helps to reduce the total amount of sugar and facilitates better sugar utilization by the body for energy.

For best usage, refer to a diabetic specialist’s advice. The initial interaction with this drug can have certain side effects such as taste disruption, nausea, diarrhea, etc. But this effect usually goes away with time and constant use.

On the other hand, if the side effects do not seem to subside, you need to refer a doctor to understand its consequences and take steps accordingly.

Glimepiride is one of the most affordable and widely found oral medicines for diabetes Type 2 patients. They are effective for lowering blood sugars but must be taken with caution, as it can lead to hypoglycemia or low glucose levels.

  1. Himalaya Liv 52


The Himalaya Liv 52 is one of the commonly used traditional diabetes controlling drugs.

This is made with Ayurvedic formulas and goodness to keep the blood sugar levels under control. Himalaya is a widely trusted brand with a variety of products aimed at promoting healthcare.

The Liv 52 diabetic supplement aims to correct the metabolic response in the body, especially the liver. It works to keep the liver strong and healthy, leading to overall better functioning.

Its major role is to flush out toxins from the liver and maintain its health to facilitate good functioning and sugar control. This also aids in managing the liver enzymes and produce them effectively for enhanced health benefits.

The Himalaya Liv 52 is available in markets, medical stores, and online medicinal websites for reasonable prices.

The only cautionary advice is that the Ayurvedic formula may or may not suit your body and health needs. These effects must be studied beforehand to ensure zero health risks.

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  1. Sitagliptin


This is another drug that targets Type 2 diabetes and induces control. It is available under several brand names as well as doses. You may consult your doctors for the best suited for your diabetic situation.

This medicine induces blood sugar control by moderating insulin levels after meals. This is an oral medicine and only focuses on treating Type 2 diabetes. Sitagliptin is usually used for adult patients.

There are certain restrictions before you decide to use this medicine. Pregnant women, patients with kidney disorders, heart problems, pancreatic disorder, etc., must consider a doctor’s advice before trying Januvia.

The doses must be controlled to avoid excess blood sugar drops.

Along with the many available medicines for your Type 2 diabetes, it is also necessary to include good dietary habits, daily exercises, a healthy sleep schedule, and attention to the overall body to ensure protection and prevention.


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