How Much Does an Insulin Pen Cost? Ultimate Guide

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Maintaining a diabetic body can cost you a good deal. Insulin pens may be one of the major expenses for a diabetic patient. Let us look at some general prices of the insulin pen in different countries.

What is the Cost of Insulin Pen In India?

Some of the most generic insulin pens in India start at a rate of Rs. 600. The prices of insulin pens can differ depending on quantity, type, as well as brand.

One of the commonest brands – Sanofi, has priced its re-usable insulin pen at Rs. 650.

Other brands can range from Rs. 700 and above and also reach over Rs. 1000 rates.

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You can compare various brands available and discuss with your doctors and health guides to pick the best ones for you.

What is the Cost of Insulin Pen In the United States?

In the USA, the average price of an Insulin pen was around $99 in 2018. This is a comparatively very high amount in relation to other countries in the world.

Over the years, the cost of insulin and insulin pens has dramatically gone higher. The cost of insulin pens, over the years, has doubled or even more.

Insulin Pen types and brands such as the Humalog Kwikpen can range around $600. Other general insulin pen companies also sell insulin pens at sky-high rates. The general pricing can often wander from $300 and go above.


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Due to the rising costs of Insulin pens in the USA, there have been several controversies and measures in the same direction.

What is the Cost of Insulin Pen In the United Kingdom?

There are various types, brands, amounts, and packages of insulin pens available in the UK with several different price ranges.

On average, insulin pens in the UK can cost from £3.95 to £30.00 per box. This is considered a reasonable rate and lower compared to that in the United States.

Several other brands and insulin pen companies sell insulin pens at higher rates depending on their service, product quality, and delivery.

The cost of insulin pens varies depending on several big and small factors, from region to type to the casing. It is necessary to explore right with expert guidance to find out what works best for you.

Which are the cheapest insulin pen brands?

What is the cheapest insulin pen

Over the years, with the constant rises in the prices of insulin pens, there have been certain varieties and new brands of insulin that have come up. These offer a good service as well as effective insulin management at a comparatively reasonable rate.

Many modern varieties of rapid-acting insulin have taken over the traditional insulin types. They are made more available to the patients at a higher price. In contrast, traditional insulin is often cheaper.

Some of the insulin types that have stayed stable in terms of price and rather on the lower side are:

  • Insulin lispro
  • Humulin
  • Novolin

Take note that the quantities compared are at 100 iU/ml.

Some of the cheapest options in the US are:

  1. Insulin Lispro Kwikpen is priced at $63.95 for each pen.
  1. Novolin R FlexPen is priced at $154.51 for 5 insulin pens.
  1. Humulin Kwikpen is priced at $116.84 for each pen.
  1. Novolin N FlexPen is priced at $189.96 for 5 insulin pens.
  1. Humulin N KwikPen is priced at $117.90 for one pen.
  1. Aprida SoloStar Pen is priced at $145.00 for one pen.
  1. Fiasp FlexTouch pen is priced at $135 for one pen.

Some of the cheapest options in India:

You can buy generic insulin pens at the cheapest rates starting from Rs. 46.

  • Pen Insuman 25/75 at around Rs. 48 each and Rs. 240 for a pack of 5 pens.
  • Actrapid 40 IU, at around Rs. 145
  • Human Insulatard– Rs. 140.52

Some can also resort to buying online medicines as they tend to be cheaper. It must be done under verified brands and expert guidance.

Buying in bulk can also often save you some money and avail discounts.

Some of the cheapest options in the United Kingdom:

You can find brands that sell insulin pens starting from £3 or £4 and go higher per your needs and prescriptions.

Prices may differ with passing the time, type of pen, amount of insulin, type of insulin, brand, etc.

Are Insulin pens free on NHS?

Are Insulin pens free on NHS

There are effective solutions to get free prescriptions for diabetic medicines or insulin pens from the National Health Services fund under the UK.

It is a fund entitled to help people manage health issues and provide support for treatment.

You can often avail of medicines and prescriptions for free or very cheap rates to help your treatments. There may be conditions on the age, disease, diagnosis, type of medicine required, etc.

The NHS of The United Kingdom encourages and extends free and low-cost insulin charges for diabetic patients. 

Can I buy insulin needles over the counter?

Yes, insulin is also sold over the counter, and you can get it at your medical stores as well. But it is to be noted that over-the-counter insulin types are less, and only human insulin, not analog insulin, is sold over the counter.

A lot of times, over-the-counter insulin are cheaper than the insulin that experts prescribe. It is, although, a safer option to go for prescribed insulin supplies as suggested by your doctors.

You need to be very aware and well-informed about the type, uses, effects, and risks of the insulin that you decide to buy over the counter. It is best to consider all informatory options and be clear about the insulin choices that you are buying without a prescription over the counter.

Over the counter, insulin is generally synthetic human insulin. They differ from the modern varieties that are known as insulin analog. You usually get regular, NPH, and 70-30 insulin at over-the-counter facilities.

The primary distinguishing factor between modern insulin and over-the-counter insulin is that the former act quicker on the body to release proper insulin for blood sugar control. These insulin types can be taken a right before having any meal.

On the other hand, over-the-counter insulin is known to work slower than newer varieties of prescription insulin. They tend to take more time before activation and have to be taken an hour or so before meals to ensure their stimulation at the right times.

Moreover, the way over-the-counter insulin is to be used also differs from the other new forms of insulin. It is essential to understand the norms of application as well.

You must consider your diabetic body requirements and consult your doctors before administering any insulin. Make sure you take no chances of risk when it comes to insulin supplements to manage your blood sugar conditions.

Otherwise, over-the-counter sold insulin is effective and efficient, especially when it comes to cost and accessibility factors.

Over-the-counter insulin can also be bought and used for emergency purposes under your doctor’s supervision.

It is strictly advised to consult your doctors before buying and using the over-the-counter varieties of insulin.

How much does a 30 day supply of insulin cost?

How much does a 30 day supply of insulin cost

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics are often frequent users of insulin. It may be a task to look into buying insulin supplies.

Monthly insulin supplies may cost a lot, but it is also dependent on what type of insulin you have been prescribed.

Other factors that help determine your monthly expenditure on insulin include – the frequency of insulin usage, your source of buying insulin, insulin mechanism preferred, etc.

In the USA, a monthly supply of common Humalog insulin can cost you up to $1800. It can be higher or lower depending on your specific diabetic dosage and other mentioned factors.

When it comes to India, the monthly costs of administering insulin can vary a lot. It may range from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 8000 or so. This is an average price range and would differ from situation to situation.

In the UK, insulin costs per month can be around £32 to £35. Rates may differ depending upon your usage as well as NHS services.



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