Can Chromium Reverse Diabetes? Here are 10 Foods rich in Chromium

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Day by day, diabetes is seen to be increasing among people of all age groups. It is a chronic ailment of the metabolism that can lead to many health complications and blood sugar mismanagement.

Diabetes has to be efficiently managed to ensure that the body is safe and out of danger from any accompanying symptoms brought on by diabetic conditions.

There are several ways to ensure diabetic control and keep the body protected. As a diabetic, you must have heard about Chromium being mentioned.

But what about it? Is it a solution to improve your diabetic conditions? Does it work? Let us find out about all this today. We will be talking about …

Veggie causing Diabetes
  • Can chromium reverse diabetes?
  • Which type of Chromium is best for diabetes?
  • 10 foods that are rich in chromium
  • How much chromium should you take for diabetes control?
  • How long does it take for chromium to lower blood sugar?
  • How does chromium affect insulin?

And so on

These are certainly viable questions that may have crossed your mind. Worry not; we will answer them for you and aid your good decision-making to help with your diabetes management.

So without much more ado, let us delve into today’s interesting topics.

Can chromium reverse diabetes?

Can chromium reverse diabetes

A deficiency of chromium is said to be very problematic for anyone and especially for diabetics. Proper amounts of chromium in the body are necessary to encourage diabetes control. It is also said that the right amounts of chromium can even help in the reversal of diabetes.


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Chromium is a mineral that is needed in very limited quantities in the body. But its absence can affect the body and also worsen the condition of chronic disorders such as diabetes.

Diabetes is caused by improper supply and working of the insulin hormone in the body. Chromium is a mineral necessary for the right diabetes control and to aid better management of blood sugar levels.

Moreover, it is not just good for keeping diabetic individuals out of risks of imbalance in blood sugar levels but also is a great agent to carry out cholesterol control. Cholesterol is a big part of our body and everyday meals. But it is crucial to include good cholesterol and to keep track of its levels in our body.

As a diabetic patient, you might be more prone to developing cholesterol-related disorders. This can also affect your cardiovascular health and lead to several heart risks. Hence, the inclusion of chromium in the diabetic body can also protect from other diabetic symptoms.

Diabetics tend to lack chromium. This is often a reason for the underlying diabetic dysfunctions.

Proper amounts of chromium in the body can lower blood sugar levels, resulting in effective diabetes management. When managed with the other right diet and exercise, the right inclusion of chromium can also give rise to reversing and prevention of diabetic conditions as well.

Chromium can induce diabetes control in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients. It can be used as supplements available in medical stores, as well as obtained from natural food. We will have a look at what are the foods rich in chromium.

But before that, let us look into some more diabetes-related topics of it.

Which type of chromium is best for diabetes?

Which type of chromium is best for diabetes

There are different types available for different requirements and benefits when it comes to taking chromium for diabetes and health needs. The most effective and best type of Chromium for diabetes control is known as – Chromium Picolinate. This is said to be used for the body’s blood sugar control.

Chromium is naturally found in two forms, one of which is good for consumption, whereas the other one is a type of toxin. The two found forms of chromium are – Trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium. Out of these two, trivalent chromium is often found in natural food supplements and is also used for medicinal purposes.

On the other hand, hexavalent chromium is a toxic element that can lead to diseases and harsh effects on health like – skin cancer, lung cancer, and other related disorders.

Chromium picolinate is said to be an effective medicinal supplement that can be helpful for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The composition of Chromium picolinate is such that it helps with the management of blood sugar levels and insulin activity in the body.

The chromium picolinate is a more absorbable kind of chromium that is simpler for the body and effective. It also has chromodulin molecules that assist in keeping the insulin properly functional.

Insulin is a hormone that helps in the metabolic functions of the body. It is produced by the pancreas and managed the blood glucose levels by modulating sugar absorption in the body.

The inclusion of chromium picolinate in your diets, either through natural food or via medicinal supplements, can improve insulin sensitivity in the body. This is a primary way of inducing diabetes control.

In addition to that, chromium picolinate may also be great in inducing lower blood sugar levels. Expert research has proved that the intake of chromium picolinate assists in improving and lowering the blood glucose levels of the body over time.

Chromium picolinate is also helpful in managing your hunger cravings. Right amounts of healthy chromium in the body keep the appetite properly functional. It is necessary for diabetic control as well as to aid weight loss in individuals.

We have a list of foods rich in chromium that you can include in your daily diets to make sure that you are leading towards proper diabetic control.

10 foods that are rich in chromium

10 foods that are rich in chromium

There are several natural sources to obtain Chromium from. Natural sources of chromium usually have very minimal quantities of chromium.

When taken in the right way, natural food sources of chromium can be effective in leading to diabetes management.

Below is a list of foods rich in chromium:

  1. Whole grains – oatmeal, barley, millets, buckwheat, etc.
  2. Broccoli
  3. Seafood
  4. Lean poultry
  5. Beans and peas
  6. Eggs
  7. Soy products
  8. Nuts and seeds
  9. Tomatoes
  10. Bananas

Apart from these, some other berries and fruits and many kinds of lentils can also be consumed for gaining the required daily allowance (RDA) of chromium in the body.

Taking in natural sources of chromium is a healthy and effective way to carry out diabetic management.

How much chromium should you take for diabetes control?

How much chromium should you take for diabetes control

Apart from just including good nutrition and health in your diets, it is also equally important to know what portions to take in. There is the right amount of chromium needed by your body to aid in controlling your diabetic conditions.

The recommended amount of chromium for diabetic patients is different than that of non-diabetic individuals. They lack chromium and need to keep the body sufficient with it.

You can divide your doses throughout the day or have them at once as well. For people with type 2 diabetes, 600 mcg to 1000 mcg of chromium is the general recommended value.

This dosage needs to be continued over months to induce proper results. Moreover, you can include these doses with a mix of other healthy and essential vitamins and minerals.

It is best to contact your doctors to learn about the necessary chromium dosage depending on your body and health type. They would be able to give you a specific amount ideal for your diabetic condition.

It is important to note that no more than 1000 mcg of chromium is necessary for diabetic health, too much if it can cause numerous other difficulties. Make sure to take the right precautions.

How long does it take for chromium to lower blood sugar?

How long does it take for chromium to lower blood sugar

It is important to understand that the effects of chromium on diabetic control are not immediate. The benefits of chromium can be attained with a continuous and long-term engagement with it.

It generally needs 3 to 4 months of daily chromium intake to see proper blood sugar-lowering effects on the body. It is an essential mineral that is needed in the body for overall effective functioning.

It is crucial to include safe and prescribed quantities of chromium only for expected results. Excessive use of this mineral to quicken the results would not work. It can also be rather harmful and have side effects.

How does chromium affect insulin?

As we already mentioned, chromium is also effective in inducing insulin sensitivity in the body. This is very important for maintaining a good metabolic system, which is the underlying cause of diabetic disorders.

Studies and experiments have shown the good effects of chromium in improving insulin functioning in the body.

Chromodulin in chromium picolinate is a helpful agent that brings in insulin sensitivity. It signals proper insulin signaling. This, in turn, helps in the proper secretion of insulin and carries out its efficient functioning in the blood sugar levels.

Due to effective simulation of insulin, it leads to correct blood glucose transfer to cells to be used as energy. This translocation of sugars to the cell surface helps in reducing the blood glucose accumulation that in turn causes high blood sugar levels in the body.

Moreover, the effects of chromium also benefit in managing lipids and cholesterol levels in the body. This is a necessity and creates good control of the overall body functioning.

Such effects of chromium help in keeping the whole body rightly working and away from internalized disorders. It also boosts the immune system helping in overall healthy living.




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