What is Glycemic Index of Almonds? 5 Benefits in Diabetes

What is Glycemic Index of Almonds

Being somebody with diabetes asks for a certain set of rules and restrictions. It is mandatory to follow the right habits to keep the sugar levels in control and the overall body healthy. As a diabetic patient, one frequently comes across foods that pose doubts. Can they be included in the diet like before? Are … Read more

What is the Sugar Content in Wheat? Is it Safe for Diabetes?


Wheat is among the most basic and commonest grains that are a staple in most diets. But when it comes to diabetes, is this a safe choice to go for wheat? As diabetics, one has to be extra attentive about what to eat and how much. Today we are here to answer some of your … Read more

Can a Diabetics Eat Dalia (Bulgur)? 4 Delicious Recipes


There are plenty of foods that diabetics should and should not eat in their daily diabetic lifestyle. Knowing which diets and foods suit your health and which don’t is very important. Among the several food items which are recommendable for diabetics, are you wondering: Is Dalia one among them? Can a diabetic patient eat Dalia? … Read more

Are Prickly Pears Good for Diabetics? 8 Benefits & Nutrition

Are Prickly Pears Good for Diabetics

As diabetics, choosing, and including foods that fit your diet can be a tough job at times. There are endless restrictions and limits on food items that a diabetic has to consider before including a particular food into his/her diet. We are here to solve the dilemma you have regarding foods and your diabetic health. … Read more

Pomegranate Glycemic Index- Is it safe for Diabetes?

Pomegranate Glycemic Index- Is it safe for Diabetes

 You may notice the traditional ways of bringing a fruit basket and while visiting a family member or friend who is sick. Pomegranate is a common content of that basket.They are regarded as the natural healing agents. Fruits are nature’s one of the best gifts. But their sugar contents often mislead diabetics during eating them. … Read more

Is Custard Apple(Sitaphal) good for Diabetics? 10 Health benefits

Is Custard Apple(Sitaphal) good for Diabetics

There is a common confusion in most diabetics about what to eat and what not to eat. Doctors and nutritionists often prefer natural food items, mostly fruits, and vegetables. Custard apple is a pretty good choice in this case. It is native to South America (known as Cherimoya), West Indies, and some parts of Asia. … Read more

Can a diabetic eat Raisins? Answered based on Glycemic Index

Can a diabetic eat Raisins

Let me start with a short story. Mr. Charlie, 52 years old, had been incidentally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His neighbor Mr.Sebastian, a known diabetic patient, gave him some tips about the food restrictions in diabetes. Most of the restricted foods are sugary. Mr.Charlie was trying to follow them. The next week, he met … Read more

How to make Cinnamon tea for Diabetes? 9 Health Benefits


Natural remedies are mostly free from side effects if taken in an appropriate amount. Cinnamon can truly be regarded as a gift of nature in the betterment of diabetes. Cinnamon tea is a convenient recipe for everyone. Morning Tea You can call it a healthy morning potion. Ingredients: ½- 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1 cup … Read more

Is White Chana Good for Diabetes? Answered by Doctors

Is White Chana Good for Diabetes

The white Chana is a good supplement for individuals who have diabetes. Not only that, but it is also one among the recommended food items to be added in the diabetic diet chart. The Glycemic Index or GI is an important measure to determine foods based on their consumption efficiency by diabetic patients. It determines … Read more