Is Kale Good For Diabetes – 10 Health Benefits & Risks

Is Kale Good For Diabetes - 10 Health Benefits Risks

Kale is a leafy green vegetable that has been shown to have various health benefits. The most popular of these is the ability to help reduce the risk of diabetes, but there are other health reasons you might want to eat kale. Read on for more information about how eating kale can benefit your health! … Read more

10 Best Bedtime Snacks if you have Diabetes

What can a person with diabetes eat as bedtime snacks? 10 best foods

Bedtime snacks are handy to add to your after-dinner routine, especially if you have diabetes. They prevent the chances of suffering a hypoglycemic episode at night and balance the dawn phenomenon and Somogyi effect. It is advisable to consider food items that are rich in proteins, fiber, and healthy fats.  Foods that are very rich … Read more

Is Pumpkin High in Sugar? Can Diabetic Patients Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

Is Pumpkin High in Sugar

Well, Pumpkin is a debatable food item, but all in all, they are considered as a healthy food option to eat, even for people with diabetes. Knowing how the consumption and inclusion of pumpkin can affect your blood sugar level is necessary to manage and run a diabetic lifestyle. The pumpkin is generally low in … Read more