IME 9 Tablets – 8 Uses & Side Effects in Diabetes

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IME 9 tablets are ayurvedic medicines manufactured by Kudos laboratories for the treatment of Diabetes. Research conducted by the Central Council of Research in Ayurvedic Sciences made it possible to develop such an innovative medicine.

What are the Uses of IME 9 tablet

  1. It plays a major role in controlling blood sugar levels.
  2. It has a preserving effect on the beta-cells of the pancreas.
  3. It reduces the incidence of insulin resistance.
  4. It is full of antioxidants that have an anti-aging effect on your body.
  5. It increases the production of insulin thus plays a major role in diabetes management.
  6. It regulates the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract, and it can help you lose weight.
  7. It is used to control glucose levels by slowing down the process of glucose absorption into the bloodstream.
  8. It prevents other diabetes-related disorders.

What are the Side Effects of IME 9 tablet

Though IME 9 has many benefits. But all good things come with drawbacks. These are some drawbacks of using IME 9 tablet:

  1. There is a slight possibility that you might develop an allergy in response to IME 9. Your skin might become red, patchy, and itchy. Excessive scratching can cause wounds to appear.
  2. Continuous use of IME 9 can cause excessive drowsiness. You will feel tired and sleepy almost all the time. But it goes away once the course is complete.
  3. In the initial stages of IME 9 consumption, your skin might become excessively dry.

If you experience one or more of the above-mentioned side effects, it is advisable to approach your doctor and get the appropriate solution.

There are some serious precautions need to take along with this medicine:

Veggie causing Diabetes
  1. You should stop its use if you are in your pregnancy stage.
  2. It is not suitable for breastfeeding women.
  3. If you have developed a large number of allergies in your body, do not take this drug.
  4. Anyone who has undergone surgery recently must avoid this drug.
  5. If a person is already administered with any other prescription medicine, precautions must be taken.
  6. Any alteration in the dosage of this drug without consulting a doctor is strictly prohibited.
  7. Don’t stop taking tablets in mid-way of the course, even if you start feeling better. Once started, complete the course till the end.
  8. If witnessing several adverse reactions upon usage, hurry up to your doctor’s clinic.
  9. Don’t take this tablet if you are suffering from pneumonia.
  10. If you develop diarrhea during the course of this tablet, check for a colon infection and seek medical attention immediately.
  11. If you are already suffering from kidney-related diseases, you need to adjust the dosage of the tablet accordingly.

IME 9 Interactions with other Drugs

The following drugs must be avoided while you are taking IME 9 tablets:

  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Aluminum hydroxide
  • Warfarin
  • Coumarins
  • Ranitidine
  • Propantheline
  • Probenecid

You should avoid taking these tablets with some other medicines as they can interfere with its mode of action. Such medicines are:

  • Antacids reduce the effectiveness of IME 9
  • IME 9 boost up the effect of anticoagulant
  • Histamines inhibits the absorption of IME 9 by the body
  • Contraceptive effects of estrogen are reduced by IME 9. If you are on estrogen pills, you need to lay a concern towards this.
  • IME 9 tablets can’t be taken in combination with nephrotoxic drugs as their duet may harm kidneys.

What is the Dosage of IME 9 tablet in Diabetes

Remember that IME 9 is a prescription drug and should not be taken without getting the doctor’s advice. However, the commonly recommended dosage is two tablets thrice a day, on average. It is generally taken with lukewarm water half an hour before meals.

We would again emphasize getting a nod from your doctor regarding the dosage and use of this medicine. This is said so because dosage varies from person to person depending upon health conditions and degree of severity of disease.


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Is IME-9 Good for Diabetes?

As you know, diabetes is an endocrine disorder. This is a significant decrease in the functioning of insulin. It is caused because of one of the two reasons- decreased insulin production or increased insulin resistance.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreases. It moderates the blood sugar level.

But how does it do that? Insulin encourages the use of blood sugar by neighboring cells. It is because of insulin that target cells in your body absorb sugar carried by the blood.

In the absence of insulin or malfunctioning, some serious conditions can be observed. A static high level of sugar in blood poses a serious threat to the cardiovascular system.

The blood vessels are affected the most. It can cause heart diseases like stroke, affect the renal system, and cause vision impairment. In severe cases, the nerves of your body might be affected as well.

And these are all signs and symptoms of diabetes.

These tablets increase the insulin count in the body and delay the process of glucose absorption in the small intestine. Further complications linked to diabetes are also curbed. The tablet is also effective at keeping a strict check on skin infections, coronary heart disease, and high blood pressure.

IME 9 tablets play a major role in regulating the symptoms of diabetes. Its major function includes the regeneration of lost beta cells. It increases the production of insulin and slows down the absorption of insulin from the digestive tract.

By regulating these two mechanisms, there is never any sudden increase in blood sugar levels. Not only does it keep your major symptoms intact, but it also increases life expectancy. 

IME 9 ingredients

As mentioned earlier, IME 9 is an all-natural product. It is a unique blend of five Ayurvedic ingredients:

1.   Amra

Spanish-Plum_AMRA IME 9 Diabetes

Also known as Spanish Plum has a serious impact on the beta-cells of pancreases. It encourages the release of insulin from beta-cells and aims to establish a hypoglycemic condition in the body.

2.   Jamun


Jamun of Purple Indian Berry has a sugar elevating effect. It is incorporated to counterbalance the effects of Amar. Once these two ingredients are balanced properly, they have a regulating effect on the blood sugar level. The sugar level is never too high nor too low at any time.

3.   Bitter Gourd


Bitter Gourd is full of nutrients. A combination of chemicals present in Bitter Gourd help reduces the blood sugar level. In addition to this, it also encourages the production of insulin by the beta cells of pancreases. It also has a preservation effect on beta cells minimizing their decay.

4.   Meshashringi


It is in human nature to crave for food, especially food. And you know how difficult it is to handle a craving. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers have introduced Meshashringi in the IME 9 tablet. It controls your inner urge to consume sweets and sugar-laden products. It automatically reduces the chances of any sugar elevation after meals.

In addition to this, it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates from the intestines.

5.   Shilajit


It has an indirect effect on the production of insulin. Shilajit protects the beta-cells from free radical damage. Increased life of beta cells ensures that there is more production of insulin.

These are the main ingredients present in IME 9 tablets. They are present in appropriate combinations to maximize output and reduce side effects.

How IME 9 Tablet Works in Diabetes?

In diabetes, the body loses its ability to produce sufficient insulin or insulin resistance in the cells. In either of the circumstances, blood glucose levels go uncontrollably high, accompanying other symptoms like weight loss, excessive thirst, the appearance of blisters, fatigue, and so on.
IME 9 tablet is bestowed with the goodness of several natural ingredients that are adept at controlling diabetes.
The natural ingredient, Amra being endowed with some bio-dynamic mixtures that stimulate more insulin production from beta cells of the pancreas. This calls for a decline in blood glucose levels, sighing relief to every diabetes patient.
Secondly, karela is also efficient at promoting hypoglycemic effects. It is an excellent anti-diabetic natural remedy that brings soaring blood sugar levels down. gudmar, on the other court, helps in boosting insulin production. It also increases the ability of cells to absorb glucose from the blood.
With its wonderful hypoglycemic properties, Jamun successfully reduces glucose levels in the blood and magnifies serum insulin levels.

What does Research say about the effectivesness of IME-9?

A couple of researches were conducted on the effectiveness of IME 9 tablets in Diabetes. The results showed that IME 9 successfully reduced blood glucose levels of newly diagnosed patients by 96%. The glycosylated hemoglobin levels were also found to be reduced in a similar crowd of patients.

In some cases, there was an initial rise in blood glucose levels upon starting with the tablet, but the levels went down from the 8th week onwards. Altogether, IME 9 was recommended as the first line of choice for newly diagnosed diabetes patients ready to go with Ayurvedic treatment, in these studies.

Double-blind clinical trials were conducted on humans to determine the potency and efficacy of IME 9 medicine. Before it hit the market, the IME 9 tablet had to be approved by The Department of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidhi, and Homeopathy (AYUSH). There was the active participation of NRDC as well. 

Final Verdict: The amount of scientific evidence on the effectiveness of IME-9 is limited. More large-scale studies are required to prove that IME 9 is effective in controlling Diabetes. Consult your doctor before starting this herbal medication for your diabetes management.



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