9 Best Ayurveda Medicine For Diabetes

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Ayurveda stresses a systematic way of tackling diabetes. With due consideration of the nature of the disease, chronicity of the disease, age of the patient & the seasonal variation.

The medicines are also selected based on the above factors in accordance with the strength of the patient, the constitution of the patient’s body, the digestive capacity of the patient. All these give a structured or detailed knowledge of the treatment to be adopted.

9 Best Ayurveda Medicines for Diabetes

1. Nisha katakadhi kashaya(sahasra yogam)

As the name suggests, the main ingredient being turmeric, clearing nut, Gymnema, veteveria, etc. These herbs are boiled, reduced & filtered.  These are well known for regulating blood glucose levels & blood purifiers. This medicine is practically very effective in prediabetic, chronic diabetic cases, diabetic complications like neuritis. This medicine is also available in tablet forms on the market.

2. Kataka khadiradi kashaya

This kashaya is also a very effective remedy for diabetes & obesity reduction. It contains mainly clearing nuts, Acacia catechu, turmeric, etc. The powdered herbs are boiled, reduced & filtered. It is highly recommended in complications of diabetes too.

Veggie causing Diabetes

3. Vidangarajanyadi kashaya

The medicine is highly recommended in chronic diabetes; it is anti-helminthic in action. If used in excess, it can cause gastric irritation. Depending upon the dosha predominance in subsequent stages of diabetes, the medicine also varies. Choornas or medicated powders found to be effective are Thriphala-lohadi  for internal use & considered very effective in Diabetes (chakradutta)

4. Nyagrodhadhi choornam

It is used orally for all types of Diabetes. It is also indicated for nephrological disorders ( kidney-related)

5. Dhanwanthara ghritham

This ghee preparation is used orally for Diabetic ulcers & highly recommended for Type 2 Diabetes.

6. Tryushanadi guggulu

This is very effective in diabetes but has to be carefully administered under strict supervision.


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7. Eladi ganam

It is used for the healing of diabetic ulcers and is highly effective. This has good anti-microbial action well as acts as a blood purifier.

8. Aragwadhadhi kashaya

This very effective in itching & ulcers too. It removes toxins from the blood

9. Pippalyadi gana

This is stomachic & digestive. Corrects the metabolic disturbances & aids in proper digestion & absorption. Contraindicated foods are very well explained. These are to be avoided by a diabetic patient. The sweets, jaggery, oily foods, dairy products. These counteract with the medicines & affect the potency of medicines.

Apart from kashaya, there are medicated powders known as choornas for internal as well as external applications. Externally mostly for washing & cleaning unhealed diabetic ulcers. Internally anti-diabetic herbal powders are administered along with warm water.

When to take Ayurvedic medicines for Diabetes?

Diabetic treatment differs in different stages.  In the primary stages, a slight modification in food & lifestyle can bring drastic changes to the body. But if the primary stage is ignored or not taken care of, then it leads to more complications & the treatment becomes complicated or time-consuming.

Normally, people are not ready to take treatment in the beginning stages; they keep on neglecting the body symptoms or signs. There are people who are not willing to take blood tests to assess their blood glucose level. They may reconsider this when they have a fainting episode or something which does not permit them to do their daily activities.

Best medicines are available when you make wise choices. We are the ultimate decision-makers. Decision-making is very important in Diabetes treatment. From the physician’s point of view, the apt action decides the cure of the disease. Simultaneously, the patient should also be capable enough to seek medical advice without delay. All these together constitute better management for diabetes.

Adequate physical activity is mentioned in Ayurveda along with the medical therapies. Different forms of exercise, such as brisk walking & vigorous physical activities. The lean patients’ are not advised to do rigorous exercises as they lose their strength & it may aggravate the disease.

Medicines along with a prescribed diet are mandatory. Complete abstinence from eating sweet or high-calorie food is extremely recommended.

Some of the anti-diabetic drinks include Ginger water, gooseberry water. These are advised to drink intermittently.

Eating raw fruits is more recommended than drinking juices because fruits contain more fiber content which is beneficial in diabetic conditions.

In Ayurveda, the treatment of diabetes is a big topic elaborating many medicinal preparations & diet regulations. Some of them are not practically used, because of the scarcity of the herbs & the complexity of the process involved.


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