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Best Indian food for diabetes control

Breakfast is the kick start of our day. Breakfast is very much essential for all the metabolic activities and normal functioning of the body. Breakfast is the main meal of the day and a great chance for a diabetic to control the blood sugar regulation in the body. A proper […]

Diabetes Tips

Does Drinking Water Help In Gestational Diabetes ?

Water is a magnificent thing when it comes to health and fitness. As of diabetes, it is no less than an elixir. Never underestimate it’s potential to curb certain health hazards. I repeat, NEVER! The frequently searched question across various search engines is, “does drinking water help in diabetes?”. Yes, […]

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Which vegetables are good for diabetes?

According to a recent research conducted during 2015 to 2019 nearly 30 million of the population in India have been diagnosed with diabetes. In rural areas it’s about 3% of the total population and about 9% of the total population in urban areas. India is known to have the highest […]

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Beat Diabetes – Best Diabetes App

While struggling to find a reliable aid for your diabetes management process, have you ever wondered that the smartphone in your hand can help you a long way. Yes, your smartphones too have got the potential to gear you up. Thanks to the advancing technology. Getting abreast of the information […]

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INTRODUCTION Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that requires continuous monitoring & control. Yoga therapies along with the medicinal therapies are equally demanding nowadays. Diabetes affects multi systems of the body so it’s mandatory to maintain the wellbeing of the body of a diabetic person. Physical inactivity is the major cause […]

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What Foods Lower Blood Sugar Immediately?

People diagnosed with diabetes often panic with the selection of the right kind of foods that truly favors their health without any risk. If you are the one among them, you know your struggles better. You avoid eating sweet dishes at the parties fearing that your blood sugar levels might […]



INTRODUCTION Poly cystic Ovarian Disease is a common disorder found in women of reproductive age characterized by irregular menstrual cycle, to be more precise the gap between menstrual periods are prolonged or in extreme cases there is absence of menstruation. Formation of multiple cysts in ovary is another peculiar feature. […]

Diabetes Tips

Six Little known Diabetes Symptoms

Everyone is aware of the common symptoms of diabetes but very few might be knowing about some very reluctant and little known diabetes symptoms. The most often talked of signs are; drinking a lot of water and still not able to satiate the thirst. increased number of visits to washrooms […]