Can Diabetics Use Foot Massagers? (16 Best Brands)

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Foot massagers are a good way to stimulate the nerves and also restore better blood circulation. But at the same time, it must be considered that the nerves are delicate and must be handled with utmost care to avoid any adverse effects

Can Diabetics Use Foot Massagers?

Well, the answer is yes. If you are a diabetic patient suffering from diabetic foot neuropathy, you can use foot massagers to reduce the pain and burning sensation. It encourages better blood flow to the foot, due to which the pain and inflammatory feeling is lowered. Moreover, it also promotes healing.

Nerve fiber damage in the feet is a common situation faced by many diabetic patients. They are also susceptible to – numbness, burning sensation, tingling, increased sensitivity in the feet, sharp and sudden pains, joint or bone deformities, vulnerability to injuries, decreased wound healing, issues of losing balance, and so on.

It is hence very necessary to treat your feet and keep them strong and healthy.

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Apart from investing in your overall diabetic level management through better diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices, you can also look into foot massagers to ease some pain.

These are not a permanent solution to your diabetic conditions but are surely a way to encourage health and well-being.

The primary reason foot massagers can be a great reinforcement in treating and keeping your foot right is that massaging induces proper circulation.

People who have diabetes can also resort to massaging every once to keep the nerves rightly charged and functional. This is also a way to improve nerve health and prevent diabetic neuropathy in the foot in the first place.


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Massage stimulates blood flow and brings back the right agility that is often lost due to numbness or tingling. Diabetic neuropathy in the foot is often treated using the right footcare products and adding foot massagers or massage sessions with a therapist.

However, the use of foot massagers must be done with care. You have first to understand the condition of your foot and employ a massager accordingly,

16 Best Diabetic Foot Massagers

We have a list of the best foot massagers that are safe and gentle for your diabetic foot conditions. Let us have a look at the various options available:

1. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

This system gently kneads the foot area while warming it to deliver an overall comfortable experience. It uses the Japanese Technique of massaging that targets pain points and can reduce diabetic neuropathy.

It has a lot of settings to choose from with temperature and pressure control. It is also wireless. 

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2. Naipo foot massager

This is an advanced curved design that also targets the heels, unlike many other foot massagers. It has temperature settings that are ideal for massaging.

The gentle and effective shiatsu technique of this massager uses acupressure to relieve pain.

It is also a design suitable for all foot sizes.

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3. HoMedics – Triple Action shiatsu foot massager

This design is open and targets the whole foot, including the heels. It carries out circular kneading movements that run throughout the foot to induce total relaxation.

The overall massager is easy to use with simple controls. It also has a fabric top that helps to prevent over-heating of the device.

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4. AREALER foot massager

This massager provides you with a range of massage techniques like – rolling, kneading, scraping, etc., added with heat to better pain relief.

Five different pressure modes allow better acupressure and help prevent the severity of foot ailments.

5. iDoDo shiatsu foot massager

This is a one-touch technology massager that deeply massages for best results. You can also choose from a lot of different sizes to cater to your feet.

It is also adjustable and comes with the heat on or of mode.

6. MedMassager MMF06 11

This design is a unique one with a raised footpad for better comfort.

There are many settings to choose from which help keep swelling, pain, joint, and muscle tension away.

7. Cloud Massage, Shiatsu foot massager

This device is also one with an elevated foot spot. It is embedded deep kneading technology.

The heat, air pressure, and vibration can be controlled and helps for a better experience at treating sores, pains, etc.

This one is manually operated.

8. RENPHO Foot massager

This is another one of the deep kneading massages in the shiatsu type massagers. It comes with a rolling ball and sticks added with heating and compression.

This facilitates overall relaxation and encourages better circulation.

9. Osito Foot massager

This is a versatile option with 99 varied intensity levels and 25 massager nodes. You can go up to 25mins on this device at once. This prevents overuse and is an efficient one with a year guarantee.

10. Miko foot massager

This is another one by the brand, unlike the previous shiatsu one we mentioned. Its massaging settings touch all pressure points of the foot and add heat for a better massage.

You can adjust the heat, and it is a simple and lightweight option.

11. FIT KING leg air massager

This is a unique one that comes in the design of a leg and targets the foot and calves. It has a handy controller to set the massage levels and intensities.

It is easy to use and comes in a range of different sizes.

12. Human touch foot and calf massager

This is a massager that you can rely on after a tired way. Its 8-tech quality ensures blood circulation and also rejuvenates muscle functions.

It covers the calves, feet, and heels. It is easily portable and washable as well.

13. Power Legs Vibration Plate Foot massager

This is a portable massager with various settings that relieve foot aches. The acupressure is relaxing and comes with 10 different massage levels to choose from.

14. QUINEAR Shiatsu foot massager

The 44 nodes for massage offer an excellent massaging experience. It is also inbuilt with 6 massage settings to choose from according to your foot condition and preference.

15. Etekcity shiatsu electric foot massager

This device supplies you with deep kneading along with pressure on the top of the foot using airbags. This adds overall targeting to reduce pain and include relaxation.

16. Nekteck Foot massager

This is another curved plate massager aimed at releasing tension and pain from the foot. With 6 heads and 18 nodes, it is great for overall massage.

The device has 3 heat settings and can be adjusted accordingly.

Do foot massagers help diabetics – Pros and Cons

When used in the right way, foot massagers can assist diabetic patients in taking care of their neuropathy. For the benefit of foot massagers, they must be used with prior information and recommendation.

The foot massagers, if not used properly, may add pain to the area or encourage swelling. Improper handling of foot massagers can also cause nerve damage. Hence, foot massagers must be used with total precaution and prior knowledge about your condition.

The best massagers are the ones that are gentle and do not cause any added abrasion to the already sensitive skin. We have a list of the best foot massagers coming up in this article.

Many types take into consideration exceptions and are specially curated to serve diabetic peripheral neuropathy in the feet.

They often gently warm your feet which promotes better circulation. The massage process soothes pain and cramps and calms any stinging sensation. It is also a very relaxing experience and enhances the overall mood.

For all the right benefits, you can even consult some massagers from your doctors. In case of any severe issues, it must be immediately notified to the doctors and treated.

What are the benefits of using foot massagers?

  • Reduces inflammatory sensation
  • Restores blood circulation throughout the body
  • Calms body as well as mind
  • Increased muscle flexibility by improving elasticity and mobility in the tissues
  • This relaxation also calms the whole body and induces better blood sugar control.
  • Can prevent various severe conditions like athlete’s foot, total numbness, calluses, chances of amputation, etc.

Why should diabetics not use massagers? Adverse effects

Why should diabetics not use massagers Adverse effects

If your diabetic foot neuropathy is too out of hand, then using foot massagers can be harmful. It can have the following adverse effects:

  • If you have foot sensation, then the pressure and heat on the foot cannot be felt properly. This can cause reverse effects and burns without any notice.
  • High-intensity massages can hamper your blood circulation if you set them wrong. This can cause further nerve issues.
  • If you suffer from leg or foot injury, bone deformities, etc., the massager can lead to added discomfort.

Therefore, prior doctor consultations are necessary, before using the massagers.

Why can’t diabetics use a foot spa?

Foot spa isn’t a recommended choice for diabetic patients. It can lead to dangerous consequences that may even go unnoticed.

Diabetics need extra care as their feet are more fragile and often insensitive to pain during pedicures. Small wounds or cuts from clipping nails, exfoliation, rubbing can turn severe and take time to heal.

Small wounds can lead to bigger infections at times. Therefore, spa visits must either be avoided or carried on with excess professional care.



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