Does Diabetes Lower Sperm Count? Is It Safe to Marry a Diabetic?

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Diabetes is indeed responsible for reducing reproductive functioning in the male body by affecting various functions encompassing reproductive health. It also has the potential to lower the sperm count among men.

Diabetes is caused when insulin production is either insufficient, or the body is non-responsive to the insulin produced. This affects the absorption of carbohydrates in the body leading to high blood sugar levels.

When the sugar levels in the body are high or unmanaged, it can lead to the dysfunction of other organs due to stress caused by high blood glucose. This is also responsible for the improper working of the blood vessels and nerves.

The uncontrolled damage to the body’s nerve system and blood circulation can affect sexual functioning in Diabetes and is associated with problems such as – lower sperm count, erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, troubles in ejaculation, balanitis – inflammation or infection in the foreskin, and so on.

Veggie causing Diabetes

This can be a very problematic issue in men for their health and their family life. Studies have found that male patients with diabetes tend to have lower sperm count.

On top of that, it has also been observed that prediabetes men start experiencing damage to their sperm DNA. This is responsible for reducing the age of sperm and one’s potential for fertility.

The levels of testosterone have also been found to be lower in male diabetic patients. High blood sugar levels over time also influence proper hormone production. This, in turn, can reduce sexual drive in young men and give rise to problems in reproduction in the future.

How does diabetes affect a man sexually?

Diabetes is not just limited to affecting the digestive system and the blood sugar levels of the body. It is also linked with causing nerve damage, joint issues, blood pressure disorientation, cardiovascular risks, vision problems, neuropathy, and so on.


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In men, diabetes has also been observed to create problems related to sexual orientation. Many urological, sexual, and fertility problems have been diagnosed in men of all ages who have diabetes or have prediabetes.

There are several different effects seen in men with diabetes related to their sexual orientation. Let us have a look at them:

1. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men where they have difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection. This condition has been observed in almost half of the male population affected with diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction can be very problematic as it is necessary for a healthy fertile, and reproductive body. It can reduce the ability and strength of a man sexually and lead to inabilities in reproduction.

Apart from the blood sugar levels, some other side effects of diabetes can also lead to erectile dysfunction. This includes conditions like – high blood pressure levels, nervous system disorders, improper blood circulation, kidney disorders, and overall reduced immunity.

2. Retrograde ejaculation

This is another disorder that men may face due to their undermanaged diabetic levels. Retrograde ejaculation refers to the semen being released into the bladder on ejaculation. This is also termed as – dry orgasm.

The semen released in this kind of ejaculation might be very little or even absent. This is a problem that surrounds infertility in men. Although it does not have any other harmful issue, it can cause reproductive inability due to the absence of or insufficient semen released.

3. Lower sperm count

As we already discussed, diabetes is also responsible for causing a lower sperm count in men. It occurs primarily due to the imbalance of the testosterone hormone that leads to the proper production of sperm. This condition is called hypogonadism.

In diabetic men, many studies conducted have declared that ejaculation seems to have a lower sperm count than that of men who do not have diabetes.

Lower sperm count is a major issue for fertility disturbances and the inability to contribute o reproduction and pregnancy.

Lower levels of testosterone in the body are also responsible for reducing the sex drive in men. This is often treated by testosterone therapy via different methods like – injections, implants, medications, etc.

4. Retarded or Delayed ejaculation

This is another problem faced by men who are diabetic. Retarded ejaculation is caused when the nerves in the penis are damaged. Diabetes is largely responsible for causing disturbances or damages in the nerves of the body.

The improper ability to sense due to nerve damage, the ejaculation from the penis might not be at the right time. It can be delayed or even impaired.

This difficulty in achieving ejaculation is problematic as it may disrupt the possibilities of conception. Certain therapies are available that target this condition, but it is important to know the cause of retarded ejaculation. It is often a result of stress or psychological ailments.

These are some problems of infertility that can be brought on by diabetes in men. Diabetes is not directly responsible for creating such issues. However, the accompanying symptoms may lead to infertility.

Obesity is a major risk among diabetic patients. It is also said to be a primary cause for lowered sperm count and decreased quality of sperm. Obesity has many risk factors, including the development of diabetes and reduced fertility.

These issues are treatable and usually improve with managed diabetic levels. It must be paid attention to and not neglected as sexual activity is a necessity among men.

Controlling diabetes through healthy measures and lifestyle changes brings an overall development in immunity and proper body functioning. All in all, this can lead to better holistic health and also solve problems of infertility.

It is always safe to keep a check on your health and report to doctors upon any inconvenience, whenever experienced.

Is it safe to marry a diabetic man?

Is it safe to marry a diabetic man lower sperm count

Diabetes does lead to certain problems in daily living as well, but it is something that can be worked out. Yes, it is safe to marry a diabetic and it must not be a reason for an unsettling life or marriage.

If you have a spouse with diabetes or a loved one, you must support and assist them in their journey of diabetes management and reversal. Diabetes asks for some healthy changes in the lifestyle that can develop better health and immunity.

A person suffering from diabetes has to go through many changes and symptoms related to diabetes as well. In such times, a loving spouse may be a very effective support system.

When it comes to sexual intimacy and conception with a diabetic man, it can be troublesome, but navigating the troubling issues and aiming for improvement is all it takes. A joint effort is very effective in supporting a healthy diet and exercise routine.

You can help your spouses or loved ones by:

  • Discussing issues openly and finding solutions that can come in handy. Working as a team is more encouraging and also leads to better efforts.
  • Researching diabetes together and finding solutions can also be a team process. It motivates the couple as well as the entire family towards good and healthy routines.
  • Care is a must for diabetics as the body needs a lot of attention. Being together through times together can quicken the diabetes management procedures and make you value each other more.

It is all a work of patience and consistency alongside the right measures. With proper diabetes control, the patients can recover and adopt normal schedules, health, and lifestyle.

Can my wife get pregnant if I have diabetes?

Well yes. Not all diabetic patients have a lower sperm count or suffer infertility. Moreover, there are several ways of staying healthy and preventing issues of infertility.

In addition to this, conception is more than just keeping your blood sugar levels in check. You need to keep in mind several factors to make sure that you have a successful pregnancy.

Being diabetic, you compulsorily need to consult your doctors about planning pregnancy to avoid any risks of conception and those to the baby.

Your doctors can suggest ways and medicines that control your diabetic health. Moreover, they can also suggest warnings, care methods, tips, and supplies that will come in handy.

With properly reviewed health and good diet, exercise, and rest, your blood sugars would stay managed and not create any disruptions infertility or conception.



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