Where can I get Insulin Plants? Is it Effective for Diabetes?

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Are you a diabetic patient? Are you also very keen on trying everything that helps your health and keeps yourself safe? Well, we understand you and your health requirements.

You might be aware of insulin plants. These are said to be effective for treating and managing one’s diabetic health. It is believed that the consumption of the leaves of insulin plants reduces blood sugar levels.

Have you ever tried these insulin plants? Or would you like to? Well, we have a planned and guided article for you to get the necessary information about these.

What you will know…

Veggie causing Diabetes
  • What are insulin plants?
  • Where to buy insulin plants?
  • Is it effective for diabetes?
  • What are its benefits?

So, let’s jump straight into it.

What are Insulin Plants?

What are Insulin Plants

Traditional techniques have prevailed in the area of medicine for centuries. Using plants and their products as a cure for many diseases is still very effective and commonly used criteria for treatment.

Similar to many flora species, which cure a variety of ailments, is the Insulin Plant. These are plants that belong to the Costaceae family.

Their leaves are said to work wonders in the controlling of blood sugars. Consumption of these ultimately leads to treating and preventing diabetes.


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The Costus igneus plant of the Costaceace family is known commonly as the insulin plant. They are grown in large numbers in Southern India.

These are found to be used popularly as a diabetic medicine by Indians and many others as well.

They are also known by their botanical name – ‘Chamaecostus cuspidatus.’  They are also known by names such as – Step ladder and spiral flag.

Many experiments and observations have been conducted on these as well. It was found out those patients who ate the leaves of insulin plants reported a fall in the blood sugar levels.

These leaves are said to be present with chemical agents that induce hypoglycemic effects. The properly inculcated hypoglycemic effect assists in bringing a fall in the level of the body’s blood sugars.

The medicinal benefits of these plants have been scientifically proven. There are tablets and powders available in the market to make these benefits more accessible to all.

These plants can be easily bought from stores, planted, and grown at homes. Daily consumption of these leaves may help in improving your diabetic health.

We will talk about the true effects and benefits of the insulin plants further in this article.

But before that, let us know where you can buy these insulin plants.

Where to buy Insulin plants?

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There are many local sellers and stores in a lot of places that sell these insulin plants.

They sell not only plants but also seeds for these plants. Many Ayurveda centers and outlets also sell insulin plants or insulin plant products.

But if you cannot find a local seller to get your insulin plant, then a very go-to and reliable option is the vast online market.

Here are some places that you can buy your insulin plants from:

  1. Amazon

It is true what they say. Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping store.

On here, you can get just anything. Yes, even plants and especially insulin plants as well.

Amazon offers a lot of varieties in insulin plants. There are several options when it comes to size, shapes, pots used, etc.

You can even buy seeds of insulin plants. Moreover, you can prepare your garden setting using the endless number of available tools on this site.

Many independent sellers and companies also sell their plants on this site. Therefore, you will have exposure to a myriad of choices when it comes to sources of buying.

Moreover, this online shopping site offers reasonable prices and proper delivery with the care of the product. You are also given several ways to carry out your transactions.

Amazon can also be contacted to return the product you brought if there are any flaws or changes needed to mend.

Overall, Amazon is among the topmost places you can buy your insulin plants without worrying about fraud transactions and other issues.

  1. Indiamart

Another option for a go-to plant store when looking for insulin plants can be Indiamart.

This is a national online store, where you can get almost every little thing at the best prices.

They also have a wide range of gardening and planting elements as well as tools in their stores.

If you are a diabetic patient and are looking for a proper stop to buy a Costus Igneus plant, then Indiamart is the place for you.

Their price ranges are unbelievably low, but at the same time, they make sure to deliver in good quality as well as condition.

In addition to that, over here, you can find numerous varieties based on plant sizes, prices, as well as many more.

They also sell insulin plant products. They have a wide range of herbal and Ayurveda insulin plant supplements.

They have – dried insulin plant supplements, liquid medicines, powdered leaves, etc.

They also have call and contact for improved communication options. Here you can directly talk and pose your inquiries to the sellers for a better experience.

You can get your desired insulin plant or its supplements from here too.

  1. Nurserylive

Nurserylive is a well-known online garden store that offers a vast variety of plants to choose from. You can buy vines, seeds, climbers, shrubs, herbal plants, etc.

Nurserylive makes shopping for your garden very easy as well as convenient. You can explore this really impressive web store and find out what green thing you want to have.

Nurserylive has a good number of Costus Igneus plants that you can select from. They are priced reasonably as well to suit the customers.

They provide you with many details of the sold plants, their proper description, size, specifications, etc.

They also include the basic caring tips and tricks according to the plant type and condition. You are equipped with information about the growth and maintenance requirements such as watering, soil, sunlight, and many more.

They also tell you the estimated time of delivery, according to your location.

You also have a way to engage in a live chat with the seller and authorities. This communication can assist in greater comfort, buying, and delivery options.

You can get your insulin plants from here as well. They can provide proper assistance in the management of diabetic health and blood sugars.

  1. Flipkart

Another popular online shopping platform where you can get it all is Flipkart.

It is a station to buy all that you can imagine. It starts from groceries to household, electronics, clothing items, accessories, and gardening and related products.

Flipkart is one of the most trusted online shopping platforms and is widely used by everyone.

Flipkart also offers a lot of potted insulin plant varieties to choose from. You can get your plants according to your size and area requirements.

Moreover, the prices are reasonable and worth it as Filpkart assure quality products and quality services when it comes to commuting and delivery.

They also have seeds for insulin plants. You can also opt to buy seeds and plant your own Costus Igneus at home from the beginning.

Ultimately, this site is also very safe as well as recommended by many. The user’s rating on this is excellent.

Like Amazon., Flipkart also allows you to exchange, return, or replace the items in case of any issues.

In addition to this, there are plenty of payment options that you can choose to have a smooth and safe transaction based on your at-home comfort.

Get your plants from here today!

  1. Plantsguru

Plantsguru is also an online home for many greens that you can select virtually and enjoy being delivered to your doorstep.

They are highly specific as well as descriptive about their products. The range of plants available in this online store is endless.

Plantsguru is a recommended online nursery perfect for all the green enthusiasts.

If you are a diabetic and want to own the insulin plant to help yourself with its medicinal properties, you can easily get your plant.

They also specify many details about the product and the delivery to make your experience a comfortable one.

Is the Insulin plant effective for diabetes?


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There have been many experiments conducted upon lab rats. The daily intake of the plant leaves in them has been said to benefit blood glucose reduction.

Experiments conducted on men have also proven to have a hypoglycemic effect upon eating the insulin plant leaves. Hence, the efficiency of health when eating insulin plant leaves is true and clinically approved.

There is still a lot of research supporting more evidence about the working of these leaves.

Also, keep in mind that all medicines have distinguishing effects depending on the body. Some may even experience other negative symptoms if the leaves don’t suit their body.

It is recommended to enquire your doctors about the same before testing and discontinue usage upon discomfort.

Other Benefits of the Insulin plant

Other Benefits of the Insulin plant

  • Apart from being a sugar level lowering agent, these leaves also have helpful nutrients. They are said to contain protein, which is an essential macronutrient for the body.
  • These plant leaves are also rich in iron and anti-oxidants like – B-carotene. When combined with the natural insulin presence found in the leaves, these components lead to a reduction in blood glucose levels.
  • These plants are good for both Type 1 and 2 Diabetes. They also have anti-fungal anti-bacterial properties that aid in health management.


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