Can Deep Breathing Lower Blood Sugar? 8 Exercises for Diabetes Control

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Food is among the primary elements that drive life. It is said to be the cause as well as a cure for many diseases. But many other factors play several major roles in contributing to the health and wellness of one.

Diabetes is one such common chronic disease of the metabolism. A big portion of its cause and its remedy lies with food as well as exercise. Exercising, keeping the body fit, and staying active are primary needs of an individual with blood sugar issues.

Today, we will learn the effects of exercising on diabetics and some simple but effective ways to keep the boy active and protected. We will look into questions such as:

  • How important is exercising for diabetic patients?
  • Can deep breathing lower blood sugar control?
  • What are the benefits of deep breathing on the body?
  • 8 simple exercises for diabetes control

Let us move on to find out more in detail about these beneficial sides and treatments of diabetes.

Veggie causing Diabetes

We are here to help you make better choices, add good and healthy options, and, all in all, beat diabetes.

Let us start with today’s informative discussion.

Diabetes and Exercising

Diabetes and Exercising

Diabetes is a disease of the metabolism of the body. It is caused due to improper functioning of the metabolic and hormonal systems of the body.

The imbalances caused in the body’s blood sugar levels can contribute to great harm to all parts, functions, and systems of the body. The individual diagnosed with diabetes becomes more vulnerable to common as well as chronic ailments.


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Heart risks, bone and muscle health, nervous system functioning, etc., all are hampered due to the presence of diabetes. It is essential to control and look into the measures of bringing the body back on track.

The best way to help the body to restore balance and stability is to engage in exercise.

Adapting to physical and fitness activities is suggested to all diabetic and pre-diabetic people. The type of exercises, intensity, duration, etc., all depends on the condition of the body’s blood sugar levels and strength.

There are various exercises suggested and recommended for diabetic individuals to help them control and maintain their diabetic health.

Walking and yoga are among the most suggested exercises that can induce necessary and helpful activity in the body. Moreover, the inclusion of several body postures from yoga also assists in improving the functioning of the body’s internal organs.

With the right routines and plans, you can master your diabetic health and lead to its correction and betterment.

How important is exercising for diabetic patients?

How important is exercising for diabetic patients

As we already mentioned, physical activity and staying fit are crucial for someone diagnosed with diabetes. It is essential to take out some time out of your everyday schedules and dedicate some of it to exercises.

You can engage in any exercise of your choice, such as walking, yoga, swimming, cycling, etc. Let us have a look at some reasons why you should include exercising in your daily diabetic lives:

  1. Exercising is a major agent that promotes weight loss. Keeping the body weight and the BMI normal is a necessity for individuals suffering from diabetes.

Obese and overweight individuals are more vulnerable to developing blood sugar issues.

Keeping the weight under limited margins is suggested by doctors as well.

Exercising such as regular walking is a great way to reduce some extra pounds and, at the same time, maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Exercising leads to the utilization of energy. Blood sugar levels that are the main causes for diabetes are disturbed in the body due to the excess consumption of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the main source of immediate energy in the body. Too many carbohydrates can lead to harmful spikes and rises in blood sugar levels.

Thus, it is necessary to bring down the level of accumulated carbohydrates in the body. Resorting to exercise is the best way to utilize and spend the energy collected in the body.

  1. Exercising is also an agent that improves and promotes digestion. Exercising is a way to strengthen and facilitate metabolic procedures in the body.

A fit functioning of the body’s metabolism is one of the primary needs of any diabetic patient.

Exercising makes the body’s metabolism more effective and leads to better absorption and release of nutrients.

This, in turn, results in a controlled release of sugars in the body and ultimately leads to a maintained blood glucose level in the body.

  1. Exercising is also good for overall health. It makes the bones and muscles stronger and more tolerable to extreme conditions.

Diabetes is a health condition that affects almost everything. The symptoms and risks are worsened with the effect of diabetes.

Thus, exercising is a way to keep and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

  1. Just as being active is essential for diabetics, proper rest and recovery are also equally important.

Exercising induces spending of energy in the body. This, in turn, leads to tiredness and exhaustion that is required for a better experience of rest.

Insomnia and lack of sleep can further affect the diabetic conditions of the body. With regular exercising, the body gets tired and seeks rest.

This is a smart way to train and condition your body in your way to manage diabetes and promote better health.

As we mentioned, there are numerous types of exercises that you can choose from. Let us now have a look at one such type of exercise and the benefits it can have on the diabetic individual.

Can Deep breathing Lower Blood Sugar?

Can Deep breathing Lower Blood Sugar

Breathing exercises are often a starter for one’s daily workout routine. The right techniques of breathing are also practiced along with all kinds of exercises and postures.

However simple it may sound, breathing has a greatly beneficial and effective influence on the control of diabetes as well.  Yes, deep breathing can assist in lowering blood sugar levels.

Deep breathing and many other breathing techniques have been observed to resolve Type 2 Diabetes.

The major role of this exercise is that it promotes a better supply of oxygen to the body. Oxygen is needed for everything in the body. A well-oxygenated system encourages better overall functioning.

It can promote increased metabolism, proper hormonal release, balance, efficient nervous system functioning, etc.

Aerobic and Breathing exercises, when done correctly, can help in controlling Diabetes.

Moreover, diabetic patients have higher amounts of oxidative stress in their bodies. This can lead to many chronic damages. Deep breathing techniques are often suggested to lower levels of stress in the body. It reduces the production of cortisol or the stress hormone.

Let us get to know about the other benefits of deep breathing as well. Here we go!

What are the benefits of deep breathing?

Given below is a list of advantages of deep inhalation and timed exhalation that can benefit the body and health in numerous ways:

  1. More oxygen in the body due to deep breathing increases energy levels.
  1. With muscle relaxation, blood vessels dilate and create better blood flow. This promotes lower stress on the heart and reduces blood pressure as well as maintains heart health.
  1. Healthier and better blood flow also facilitates better functioning of all organs.
  1. It helps calm oneself down and fight stress.
  1. With better oxygenation in the body, the absorption of nutrients is also increased. This results in higher nourishment and boosts immunity.
  1. The procedure of deep breathing also brings in proper posture by alternate lengthening and straightening of the spine.

Besides, there are many specific advantages of deep breathing to diabetics, as discussed in the previous section.

Now, let us have a look at some more helpful exercises that control diabetes.

8 simple exercises for diabetes control

Following is a list of 8 simple but effective exercises that can bring a healthier and much more maintained blood sugar approach to the body.

  1. Brisk Walking: this is one of the commonest everyday exercises that one can engage in. It is great for keeping the heart rate up for weight loss, proper and necessary stimulation, etc.
  1. Yoga: without a doubt, yoga is one of the most beneficial types of exercise that one can practice. It is light, slow, systematic, and very effective for maintaining and restoring balance in the bodily systems.
  1. Swimming: swimming is a less stressful aerobic exercise. It brings in necessary movement in all parts of the body and induces fat burning as well. It is also good for blood sugar control.
  1. Cycling: Cycling is a fun and freshening activity that brings in movement in the joints and muscles. A quick round of cycling can burn a lot more at a time.
  1. Jogging: jogging is low impact than running but brings in a lot of activity in the body. It is a great step to move onto after brisk walking.
  1. Stretching: stretching exercises are great for enhancing flexibility in the body. They also help in strengthening the joints and simulation internal functions.
  1. Balancing exercises: varieties of balancing exercises can bring in better ways to manage diabetes. It keeps the body maintained and healthy.
  1. Foot exercises: stretching, turning, rotations, and raises of the foot as a diabetic patient can lead to reduced chances of foot neuropathy, pains, and injuries.




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