10 Home Remedies for Curing Diabetes. Do They Really Work?

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Diabetes is a condition where one’s metabolism is affected, and the blood sugar levels in the body experience an extreme rise or fall.

Insulin, which is a necessary body hormone produced by the pancreas, is essential to control the blood level’s release and flow of the sugar. If it is not efficiently produced, it can cause a loss of balance in the sugar levels, leading to harmful reactions and effects on one’s body.

Although it is challenging to cure Diabetes completely, there are ways to incorporate good habits that keep the blood sugar levels under control.

Some of the useful techniques in keeping the blood sugar level under check include yoga, daily walks, exercise, proper sleeping routine, maintaining a good diet, etc.

Veggie causing Diabetes

When it comes to food, people with Diabetes have to be extra careful about what they consume and their effect on their blood sugar. Certain foods must be avoided, but some others can be remedial.

Let us look into ten such home remedies, which are useful in treating and curing Diabetes:

1. Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar usually one of the readily found grocery items with a lot of practical medicinal uses.

It is beneficial in maintaining your glucose levels in the body and the assistance of insulin production.


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Apple cider vinegar is an agent that helps in the reduction of blood sugar levels in one’s body.

Including it in cooking, such as salad dressing, can be very beneficial to one’s diabetic diet.

It helps in the better absorption of sugar in the body and discourages extra sugar release into the liver’s blood flow.

It is also a proven and clinically recommended remedy to watch Diabetes, as vinegar is said to influence the body’s response towards sugar.

It also assists in the improvement of insulin sensitivity, which helps to control blood sugar levels.

Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent remedy in inducing weight loss, which is essential for proper health maintenance of a diabetic person.

2. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a great way to combat inefficient insulin functioning.

It is proved to be useful in increasing insulin sensitivity that works to control sugar levels in the body.

Cinnamon has bioactive compounds that help in fighting against Diabetes.

It is better to consume true cinnamon, rather than mostly adulterated store-bought ones.

Consumption of this spice as a remedy for Diabetes is to be done in balanced amounts, as unwatched quantities  of it can prove to be harmful to the liver’s functioning.

You can either mix the cinnamon powder in warm water or boil raw cinnamon in water and drink it after cooling.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its numerous remedial qualities: stomach, skin, hair, etc.

Studies concluded that it is also useful in reducing blood sugar levels.

Ones suffering from type 2 Diabetes and pre-diabetics can keep their glucose levels under control by including Aloe Vera as a remedy.

Aloe Vera is also enriched with anti-inflammatory qualities that can help cure many ailments, including rising blood sugar levels.

Regular intake of this can be beneficial in stimulating insulin in the body.

Aloe Vera can be taken as juice, powder, capsules, etc.

It is always helpful to contact and to consult your medical team before including Aloe Vera in your diet.

4. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

Among the list of home remedies that help in curing Diabetes, the fenugreek seeds also make their way.

Fenugreek seeds are well-known for medicinal properties that regulate sugar levels and keep a diabetic’s diet healthy.

The consumption of fenugreek powder mixed in lukewarm water is said to be very useful in lowering the levels of blood sugar.

You can even soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight and then drink this water the following morning.

You can have this fenugreek-water solution first thing in the morning.

It is very useful in maintaining healthy blood sugar as it contains fiber, which is good for the gut and promotes healthy digestion.

The presence of Galactomannan in fenugreek slows down the digestion process and helps in better absorption of carbs and sugars.

Not only does this control and improve sugar levels in the body, but it also helps in the proper release of insulin.

5. Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd

Famous for its rather bitter taste, the Bitter Gourd can be beneficial as a remedy for Diabetes.

Bitter Gourd is natural and has a straightforward element that can help with insulin troubles in people with diabetes.

Bitter Gourd has a compound called – Polypeptide-p. This is also commonly named – p-insulin and is proven to control Diabetes.

The bitter gourd juice can be an excellent medicinal beverage for the ones who are diabetic.

The consumption of bitter gourd juice regulates blood sugar levels. It activates the insulin in the digestive system, leading to its better functioning and management of glucose levels in the body.

Charantin found in this vegetable is said to be assisting in lowering the high blood sugar levels.

To make bitter gourd juice at-home – peel and slice the vegetable to its center. Once you have cut it into slices, separate the white fleshy parts and seeds from the center.

Then cut the bitter gourd slices into tiny pieces and soak it in cold water for some time.

Blend the pieces with some salt and lemon juice. You may even add honey to reduce the bitter taste to some extent.

Have a glass of this nutritionally rich and healthy juice in the morning, and follow it regularly.

All of the essential compounds found in bitter gourd together makes it a beautiful diet element to control Diabetes.

It also helps in controlling and reducing weight, which is necessary for people with diabetes.

6. Moringa/Drumsticks


Drumstick is another such healthy vegetable that you can add to your diabetic-friendly diet.

This Indian vegetable is one of the claimed superfoods with numerous health benefits.

This long pod-like vegetable is famous for its crunchy taste and a myriad of right nutrients that can boost immunity and be great for a person’s overall health.

Diabetics always dread s

pikes in the blood sugar levels. The consumption of Drumsticks can help reduce and control the occurrence of such spikes.

Drumsticks are proven to improve and encourage the functioning of the bladder. In turn, this provides a good supply of insulin that helps to lower the level of blood sugar in the body.

Moreover, they are also rich sources of fiber, which is an excellent supplement for better digestion and good gut health.

Fiber aids the process of digestion as it breaks down foods to make it simpler for digestion.

You can soak pieces of drumsticks in water and drink this water throughout the day.

Or you can also include drumsticks in your meals, like in dals, soups, pickles, curries, etc.

7. Indian Gooseberry, or Amla


Apart from its tangy goodness, this fruit is also very rich in several nutrients, many of which help control and curing Diabetes as well.

Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is a prominent ingredient in Indian Ayurveda and home remedies.

It is a recommended fruit by many doctors and researchers to be a great supplement in the diet for curing various ailments.

Amla has qualities that assist the betterment of the skin, hair, helps in weight loss, and has also been noticed as very effective in controlling the spikes in blood sugar levels.

Amla is a rich natural source of vitamin C. It also has the following and minerals – Phosphorus, Chromium, Iron, and Calcium.

These nutrients that are present in Amla helps to strengthen the overall gut, and also build a more robust digestive system.

It is also efficient in insulin absorption and helps in managing very high levels of blood sugar.

Amla helps to clear away toxic elements from the body that is responsible for protecting the body’s immune system and strengthening its metabolism.

The presence of polyphenols in Indian gooseberry reduces the oxidative stress that forms in the body due to high blood sugar.

All of this leads to better management and control of blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

The Amla fruit can either be freshly consumed or dried and eaten.

Amla powder is also available in the market, which can be sprinkled over your meals, add taste, and enrich its value.

Another way to incorporate the goodness of this fruit is to have the juice of it every morning.

8. Cloves


Cloves are another readily available kitchen ingredient that is useful in curing many common ailments. It has Ayurvedic properties, and over time, researchers have proven cloves to be an excellent remedy towards diabetes control.

Cloves are good medicine used in curing coughs, colds, flu, digestive problems, nausea, etc.

Cloves have anti-inflammatory and digestive properties that make them a significant element in a diabetic diet schedule.

They can also help control the levels of sugar released in the blood, and avoid any splurges.

In experiments, it has been observed that cloves are beneficial in increasing the secretion level of insulin by stimulating cells that result in the production of insulin.

You can either add clove oil to your kitchen supplies and use it in various dishes or include clove in other ways.

Clove powder can be used to make clove tea. To make clove tea, you can boil the clove grounds in water for about 10mins. Add in your everyday tea leaves and boil it according to before serving.

Anti-oxidants found in the clove are useful in decreasing the harmful effects of oxidative stress in the body.

Therefore, including cloves in the diet can lead to various essential compounds in the food that ultimately control Diabetes.

9. Broccoli


Broccoli is claimed to have many nutrients that can benefit several health issues and act to cure them.

Its nutrient characteristics have helped researchers to claim broccoli to be a Super Food.

First of all, broccoli is high in fiber, has anti-inflammatory qualities, low carbohydrates, and low-fat content.

This green vegetable is low in glycemic index and hence proven to be safe for diabetics.

Broccoli contains Sulforaphane, an antioxidant that is known to restrict glucose production to balanced levels.

It regulates fasting blood glucose levels and is excellent for diabetic patients who also suffer obesity.

Type 2 Diabetes patients can benefit from the effects of broccoli.

It also assists in improving the issue of insulin resistance in the body.

The anti-oxidants attend to any oxidative damage that emerges in the pancreatic tissues.

Make sure to use fresh and green varieties of broccoli in your salads, curries, and other dishes.

Broccoli is a green veggie with overall immune benefits and is an excellent addition to a diabetic and pre-diabetic diet.

10. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Here is another healthy and also a tasty delicacy that Diabetics can include in their diet to keep their sugar levels under check.

Dark chocolate is often a recommended item by doctors to treat high sugars, cholesterol, and weight issues.

Researches have been conducted and published in 2017, proving the great benefits of dark chocolate in slowing the pace of the progress of type 2 diabetes.

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are enriching nutrients that encourage proper insulin functioning.

It reduces insulin resistance, assists in proper insulin sensitivity, and drops insulin and blood sugar levels.

The increased sensitivity of insulin is also encouraged by the polyphenol content in dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is suitable as a snack for diabetic meals.

It is also satisfactory for the sweet cravings and at the same time does not compromise on the health factor.

It is best to opt for low GI, less sugared varieties of dark chocolates, as many available in the markets, can be high in sugar and carbs that can be harmful.

Always check and opt for the best kinds according to your health.

A smart way to induce changes in your diet is always to consult your doctors about it first, and always check your blood sugar measures to record any positive or negative changes.














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