Is Okra Water Good for Diabetics? 10 Health Benefits

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Diabetes is a chronic health problem that is increasing more and more over time. It is a health condition that is caused by an imbalance in the metabolic system of the body. Moreover, it affects the blood sugars of the body and creates several discomforts as well.

Keeping the body healthy is the topmost necessity for diabetic patients as they are prone to several other symptoms and ailments that can cause severe dysfunctions in overall health. Numerous ways are said to be effective for treating blood sugar levels and keeping them under control.

Have you heard about the okra water technique for diabetes management? Well, it is very popular advice for diabetics. But let us find out all about it today.

We will have a look at …

Veggie causing Diabetes
  • Is okra water good for diabetics?
  • How do you make okra water?
  • What is the best time to drink okra water?
  • What are the side effects of drinking okra water?
  • What happens when you eat okra every day?
  • Does okra interfere with metformin?

And so on.

Let us get a clearer picture of what this drink is and learn about its effects on the body. We are here to help you combat your blood sugar disorders. Make sure you stay with us until the end of this article to find out the best about your diabetes management plan.

Is okra water good for diabetics?

Is okra water good for diabetics

Among the several tips and tricks out there to manage your diabetic health, okra water is among the most wonderful ones. Okra water has been tested and proven to work on improving the blood sugar levels of the body.

It is not just a simple but also an effective way to keep the body’s blood glucose levels under normal levels. In addition to that, it has many varied advantages on the body other than lowering blood sugar levels.


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Okra is a very nutritious and diabetic-safe vegetable. The intake of it as okra water makes it easier to absorb.

Okra is a very nutritious vegetable that can be added to one’s daily diet for good overall blood sugar management. It is a very rich source of fiber.

Okra has both soluble and insoluble fiber, which can make several good additions to control diabetic situations.

Fiber is a nutrient that is among the most essential to keep diabetes under control. It helps in the proper stimulation of the metabolic processes. Fiber is a complex nutrient that takes a long time to digest.

It aids in slowing down the digestive process. This, in turn, results in slow-paced digestion of the carbohydrates consumed. Due to a lower pace of digestion and absorption of sugars in the body, the blood glucose levels do not spike up suddenly.

Okra water is also a great source of antioxidants. It is very beneficial in strengthening the entire immune system. Diabetics are comparatively more vulnerable to catching ailments. Antioxidants in the body help in combatting the internal free radicals that affect health.

The richness of vitamins and minerals in okra also helps keep conditions like diabetic neuropathy away. It nourished the body and assists in healthy diabetic levels. Hence, a daily intake of okra water can supply you with several wonderful health benefits.

But how to make this magical health drink? Let us tell you.

How do you make okra water?

How do you make okra water

We discussed the many admirable qualities of okra and the benefits of okra water on diabetic health. It is indeed very effective. It is also a very simple drink to make.

But how do you prepare this drink to suit your diabetic health needs? Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Choose five clean and fresh okra pods.
  2. Wash the pods, cut the pods’ top and bottom, and make a straight slit across the okra pod.
  3. Take 2 to 3 glasses of water and soak the pods in the water for the night.
  4. The next morning, squeeze the okra pods well in the water and let the slimy portion out into the water.
  5. Drink this water before starting your day.

The positive effects of drinking okra water can be observed using this healthy water drink daily.

One glass of okra water generally provides you with the following major nutrients:

Sl. No.Nutrients Amount
1.Carbs6 g
2.Fiber3 g
3.Protein2 g
4.Folate80 mcg

Okra is low in calories and carries several minerals and vitamins that can fulfill a good amount of your daily nutritional needs. But make sure you do not overdo it as excess or uncontrolled levels of anything can affect your health.

To ensure absolute safety, you can also consult your diabetes experts and doctors for better advice. If you observe any side effects or discomforts on the consumption of this okra water, make sure to stop immediately to avoid any mishaps or risks to the health.

What is the best time to drink okra water?

The most common advice is to consume okra water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It is to be soaked overnight and had in the morning.

Having this beneficial health drink early in the morning without having anything else is the best time. It can help in improving your blood sugar levels and keep them stable throughout the day.

The various benefits of okra water have also made it a great Ayurvedic medicine. It is also advised by traditional medicine systems to have this okra water drink first thing in the morning to avail of its complete benefits.

Drinking okra water each morning for seven days will add miraculous changes in your body and help with controlling your blood sugar levels.

Plus, a good glass of water early in the morning is a doctor’s recommendation as well.

It has many benefits on the diabetic body and the overall immunity that we will discuss later in this article.

But are there some flip sides to this too? Well, let us have a look.

What are the side effects of drinking okra water?

What are the side effects of drinking okra water

As we mentioned earlier, too much or uncontrolled amounts of even this healthy vegetable can cause certain side effects. If you are allergic or intolerant to okra, it is recommended that you not take okra water even for diabetes control.

It can also have the following side effects that one must consider:

  1. Okra has a type of carbohydrate called – fructan that can result in some gastrointestinal problems. You can feel gassy, diarrheic, cramps, bowel issues, bloating, etc.
  1. Vitamin K in okra helps to induce better blood clotting in the body. It can make the blood thicker on constant use. If you are suffering from blood clotting problems, you must consider your symptoms before using okra water. Moreover, if you are on blood-thinning medicines, it is best to avoid okra water or okra in any form.
  1. Too much okra can also fuel the formation of kidney stones. It is rich in oxalates that encourage kidney stones. It is best to avoid okra daily or in large quantities to ensure safe and healthy kidney health.

On top of all this, it is also advisable to keep a check on your diabetic blood sugar levels alongside the consumption of okra water. If you notice any risky changes, it must be immediately stopped and reported to your doctor for best suggestions.

What happens when you eat okra every day?

Well, this is a super healthy vegetable when taken in the right way. It can supply the body with essential nourishment as well. There are several benefits of consuming okra daily.

Following is a list of benefits of eating okra every day:

  1. Okra is very low in calories. A cup or 100 gram serving of okra has only about 33 calories. This is a very low amount and thus perfect for people who are working towards weight loss.
  1. Okra has a GI of 0. This is proof that it does not affect one’s blood glucose levels. It is very effective in controlling diabetes and also helps in eliminating any spikes.
  1. Okra is said to be a great addition for ones with cholesterol issues. Enough presence of soluble fiber in okra helps to control the cholesterol levels of the body. This, in turn, keeps the heart-healthy.
  1. Okra, as well as the magical okra water we were talking about, also helps treat respiratory diseases such as – bronchitis, asthma, and so on.
  1. Okra is also rich in many minerals that help increase the hemoglobin level in the body. Drinking okra water daily can also bring in better and healthier blood circulation.
  1. Okra is also rich in Vitamin A that benefits eye health. Daily inclusion of okra in the diet can improve your vision.
  1. It is a great source of energy, immunity, and anti-oxidants as well.

Does okra interfere with metformin?

If you are a diabetic, the chances are that you are prescribed the metformin drug. This is a common medicine to help with diabetes management.

You must know about the effects of okra on metformin. There have been studies, which conclude that okra can reduce the effectiveness of metformin. This can cause serious troubles in the diabetic body.

If you take metformin, it is best to discuss the inclusion of okra in your diets for your safety and health with your doctor.




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