Is Giloy (Guduchi) Good for Diabetes? 7 Health Benefits

Last Updated on April 26, 2021 by Dr Sharon Baisil MD

Managing blood sugar levels is a very important part of one’s diabetic lifestyle. This almost affects every little thing from diet to exercise, rest, sleep, skincare, etc. But it is crucial to understand the value of these actions directed at overall diabetic well-being.

There are many vegetables, fruits, medicines, herbs, etc., out there that assist in keeping the blood sugar levels within safe margins. It is better and advised to resort to natural medicines and traditional treatment methods to receive higher benefits and have a lesser risk on the body.

Managing blood sugar levels can be difficult but also effective when you know the right supplements to use. Have you heard about Giloy? There are several effects of giloy on the diabetic body.

Today let us discuss –

Veggie causing Diabetes
  • Is giloy (Guduchi) good for diabetes?
  • How do diabetics use giloy?
  • Who should not take giloy?
  • What are the side effects of giloy?
  • Can we take giloy daily for controlling diabetes?
  • How much should giloy juice be taken in a day?

Are there some questions that you had in mind too? Well, let us answer them for you. We are here to assist in your diabetic health management and safety.

So without any more delay, let us get started with today’s discussion.

Is giloy (Guduchi) good for diabetes?

Is giloy (Guduchi) good for diabetes

To be direct about this answer – yes! Giloy is amazing for the diabetic body. It is known to be great for keeping diabetic blood sugar levels steady and low.

The benefits of giloy on managing Type 2 diabetes are tested and proven to be safe and useful.


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Diabetes is a common and chronic health condition that is defined by an insufficient supply of insulin. This, in turn, leads to imbalances in the maintenance of the body’s blood sugar levels, which ultimately give rise to abnormal blood glucose levels.

If this condition is not controlled, it can lead to several health impairments and eventual health deterioration. Thus, it is crucial to include healthy food habits that assist in keeping the blood sugar levels under control.

Giloy is one of the medicinal herbs that can help induce hypoglycemic effects on the blood sugar levels and prevent them from spiking beyond expected levels. The giloy is usually taken as an herbal drink. It is easily available at stores as giloy juice.

Other than controlling the sugar levels, giloy also has another important anti-diabetic function. It is great for encouraging the efficient production of insulin in the body. Giloy has been experimentally observed to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce its resistance that leads to diabetic conditions.

On top of that, giloy also helps keep the body’s metabolism healthy and the digestive system properly functional. The body’s metabolism plays an essential role in keeping diabetic levels under check. Therefore, including giloy in your diets can assist you in aiding the correct digestion and overall health management.

Giloy has been used over many years as a sugar-fighting agent in traditional medicinal systems like Ayurveda. It also has many benefits as an herb on the overall body.

It is good for your heart health, weight management, blood pressure, etc.

We have understood the goodness of giloy on diabetic health. Now, let us learn how diabetics can employ giloy to help their diabetic health conditions.

How do diabetics use giloy?

How do diabetics use giloy

The easiest form is to avail a giloy juice from the market. There are several medicinal as well as Ayurvedic brands that sell giloy juice. It is a pure juice extracted from the giloy leaves and stems.

Other than the juice form of this magical herb, there are other helpful variants. You can use them to benefit and keep your diabetic levels under check and away from risks.

There are giloy tablets that can be taken as medicinal supplements with water. You can buy these from any medical store or even look for them online.

Giloy can also be had in powder forms. If you are looking for a way other than using giloy juice or tablets, you can always choose giloy powder. It is made by crushing the leaves and stems of the giloy plant.

Giloy is very effective in controlling diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels. You can induce them into your health routines in any way that you prefer. It also helps with keeping the body’s immune system strong and fully functional. Hence, it is advised to include giloy in your health routines in beneficial amounts.

But are there some restrictions to this as well? Let us find out.

Who should not take giloy?

Who should not take giloy

There are some limitations to every good thing as well. The same applies to giloy as well. It can have certain extreme impacts on the body, proving to be harmful to some individuals.

It is best to consider and know about all the restrictions before you try to include giloy in your diets for diabetic or other health ailments management.

  • If you suffer from low blood sugar levels, it is best to avoid giloy. Giloy has very strong anti-diabetic and glucose-lowering qualities that can result in extremely low blood sugar levels, ultimately resulting in hypoglycemia that is harmful to the health.
  • If you are approaching surgery, you should not have giloy as it can interfere with controlling blood sugar levels. It can disorient the functions in the body and cause disturbances during surgery. The consumption of giloy must be stopped two to three weeks before any surgeries.
  • If you suffer from digestive problems, you should prevent yourself from having giloy as it can have grave impacts on the same. It can be harmful and lead to constipation as well.
  • If you suffer from ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc., it is best to keep away from the consumption of giloy in any form. It can worsen the prevailing conditions and harm the body.
  • Pregnant as well as breastfeeding women must also stay away from consuming giloy. It may result in disturbances in the body.

You must consider all restrictions beforehand to avoid any mishaps. As diabetic patients, you must also consider referring to your health doctors to get the best advice on whether to use giloy or not.

Make sure you oblige to all limitations to ensure proper health management and no further chances of risks.

What are the side effects of giloy?

What are the side effects of giloy

In the above section, we saw and determined who should not take giloy. But what are the effects that giloy can have if not taken rightly? What are the negative effects that it can have? Let us find out.

Below are some of the possible side effects of giloy:

  • Giloy can cause some disturbances in the stomach. It can lead to irritation and other issues such as constipation. Digestive issues can often lead to many discomforts in the body. It can create many complications in the body of diabetic patients especially.
  • Giloy is great when it comes to keeping blood sugar levels low. It has many anti-diabetic properties that help in reducing the blood glucose levels of the body. But these benefits can also be harmful if overdone. Extremely low blood sugar levels can be very harmful to diabetics and must be avoided.
  • We have already mentioned that individuals with ailments like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc., must not consume giloy in any form. This is because giloy can lead to certain immune system diseases caused by over-activation or excess stimulation.

Hence, it best to first know your body’s conditions best and then take steps necessary for its well-being.

As diabetic patients, you must monitor your blood sugar levels to notice the effects of giloy and teach it accordingly.

Can we take giloy daily for controlling diabetes?

Yes, indeed, you can employ this medicinal herb daily to control rising blood sugar levels. Giloy leaves can be helpful as everyday diet supplements to improve blood sugar levels and strengthen the body’s immunity.

You can have your giloy juice, tablets, or powder, whichever you prefer, early in the morning. They can help with keeping the blood sugar levels under check throughout the day.

You can also have giloy around your meal timings.

But as we mentioned earlier, if you suffer from low blood sugar issues or highly unstable and fluctuating sugars, you must ensure that you take giloy only under your doctor’s prescription and advice.

How much giloy should be taken in a day?

We recommended that giloy be safe and healthy when taken daily to control the body’s blood sugar issues. But you must be wondering – what must the quantity be?

If you are taking giloy tablets, you can limit them to 2 tablets daily after your meals. This can also differ based on your tablet dosage or other medicines, if any. You can ask your doctors to specify a certain answer.

There is a recommended quantity of giloy juice, 2 to 3 tablespoons of giloy juice twice a day. You can have it in the morning, or before or after your meals. You can even add a little lemon to the giloy juice for additional benefits.

These are the general recommendations for taking giloy. Do keep in mind that all our bodies have different needs. Your dose requirement may vary from others, and thus, it is best to resort to expert solutions before taking any steps.




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