Is Rice Bran Oil Good For Diabetics

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In any cuisine, oil is crucial for performing various types of cooking methods. It is one of the most important kitchen ingredients used for frying, sautéing, salad dressings, marinades, greasing, combining, etc.

However, oils are risky choices as they are rich in fats. You must be aware that too much oil is not good for the health and can harm several functions. However, there are many safe options available.

Rice bran oil is one of the healthy types of oils that are safe for diabetic patients as well. It has many properties that make it good for diabetics. Besides, it can supply the body with plenty of benefits as well.

Is rice bran oil good for diabetics?

Well, the usage of rice bran oil is good for one’s health, even for diabetics. It can be chosen over other unhealthy oil varieties.

Veggie causing Diabetes

As the name suggests, this oil is extracted from the outer layer of rice, which is the bran layer. Rice bran is used in several Asian countries for cooking mostly because of its many health benefits.

Rice bran oil extraction is a rather recent method and has been gaining rapid popularity over time. Research has also supported its advantages on the health of diabetic patients.

People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are one of the most common health issues of modern-day. This issue can be well-tackled by the inclusion of a better and healthier oil option, like rice bran oil.

It is beneficial for everyone’s health and has several added advantages for anyone with diabetes.


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Studies have shown that people who resorted to using rice bran oil over a set period experienced lower blood sugar levels than those who stuck to other conventional oil types.

In addition to lowering blood glucose levels in the body, rice bran oil has also been identified to lead to better insulin functioning in the body. Insulin is a hormone that controls the release and absorption of nutrients in the body.

The improper functioning of insulin or its insufficient production is one of the major reasons for diabetes. It has been found by experiments and observations that rice bran oil is good for inducing better insulin sensitivity in the body that leads to the overall betterment of the body’s metabolic system.

Rice bran oil also has compounds that maintain heart health. It has properties that lower harmful cholesterols. This is immensely good for diabetic patients as they are more vulnerable to have severe cardiovascular issues.

On top of this, having rice bran oil is also helpful to decrease the oxidative stress caused in the body due to the presence and impact of free radicals.

Having rice bran oil is also beneficial for choosing better agents that promote weight loss.

Research on other benefits and effects of rice bran oil is still being conducted. Thus, for added safety, you can consume this oil based on your doctor’s recommendations. They understand your body’s needs and conditions better and can suggest what is good for you.

There are plenty of other benefits that we will discuss further in this article about rice bran oil and diabetes.

Rice bran oil ingredients

Rice bran oil ingredients

Before really declaring something healthy or unhealthy, we like to look at its ingredients list and find out for ourselves. This is a good parameter to judge as we can know the benefits of the single ingredients and that of them all combined into the product.

Until now, we discussed that rice bran oil could supply the body with several healthful nutrients that can improve diabetic conditions. But what are the nutritional elements contained in it that make it so good for our body?

Let us have a look at its many nutritional components and find out. The table given below shows the number of nutrients found in 100 grams of rice bran oil.

Note that the nutritional composition pattern may vary from other food items as this is not a food to be consumed but rather a type of fat used for cooking.

Sl. No.Nutrients available in 100 g of rice bran oilAmount available
 Carbohydrates SugarsDietary fiber0 g 0 g0 g
 ProteinsO g
 Fats Saturated fats Monounsaturated fats Polyunsaturated fats100 g 19.7 g39.3 g35 g
 Water0 g
 Cholesterol0 mg
 Iron0.07 mg
 Vitamin E32.3 mg
 Vitamin K24.7 µg

From the above table, you can observe that rice bran oil is 100% fat distributed into different fat types. We will discuss the health benefits of this composition in further sections.

How much rice bran oil should I consume daily?

A suitable portion size used for rice bran oil is a tablespoon while cooking. This is around 13.5 grams. As a diabetic patient, you should encourage fewer oils in the diets and cook with efficient practices.

Using lesser quantities of oil, however healthy it may be, is a recommendation for diabetics.

Before adding the rice bran oil to your diet, you can also refer your dieticians and health experts for their best suggestions. They can provide you with a good quantity as well as other detailed rules about its consumption.

What are the advantages of using rice bran oil?

We had a look at the nutritional elements found in rice bran oil. It has a combination of nutrients that exceeds the health factors compared to many other varieties of oils.

We already looked at some of the good effects of having rice bran oil. Let us find out more benefits of it from the given list:

  1. Many research and health institutes like WHO and American Heart Association have declared the combination of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats of rice bran oil to be the best out of many vegetable oil varieties. This good balance enhances the control of cholesterol in the body by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. This, in turn, reduces the possibility of cardiovascular issues.
  • It is good for preventing many risks related to one’s heart, such as vulnerability to strokes, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, etc.
  • Rice bran oil adds more benefits to the food and lesser fats than other oils used for cooking. Thus, it is an excellent agent to promote good bodyweight management. Many fitness enthusiasts rely on this type of oil to keep their weights steady. As a diabetic patient, keeping the body’s weight under normal margins is crucial and can be encouraged by the usage of rice bran oil.
  • Rice bran oil is also good for the kidney as it promotes lesser absorption of excess calcium in this body. This is beneficial to the functioning of the kidneys by avoiding the chances of causing kidney stones. Diabetic patients reap the extra benefit as they are more inclined to developing issues relating to kidney dysfunction. Thus, rice bran oil can be helpful.
  • The presence of compounds like oryzanol, tocotrienols, plant sterols, etc., in rice bran oil, has been studied to provide more health benefits to the body, adding to the overall health protection.
  • Rice bran oil has many nutritional benefits. The combination of fat types is one of the best and improves heart health. In addition to this, it contains more vitamin E than other oils, which assists in better blood vessel health and improves the body’s immunity power.
  • Rice bran oil’s nutritional values stay more stable and constant even when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, cooking in high heat with rice bran oil still helps to maintain its nutritional goodness. Moreover, rice bran oil does not leave a sticky or greasy feel to food and makes it tastier.
  • The presence of several antioxidants in rice bran oil helps enhance the body’s strength and fights free radicals. These properties also promote better cellular development that helps with the improved functioning of the many bodily organs and systems.
  • Rice bran oil also has anti-inflammatory qualities that keep away severe health symptoms and do not affect the body. Diabetic patients often experience more discomfort and can be helped by the consumption of rice bran oil.
  1. Squalene found in rice bran oil is said to promote plumpness in the skin and avoid acne occurrence.
  1. Rice bran oil is also a good agent in preventing cancer. The presence of compounds like oryzanol, vitamin E, and several types of antioxidants keep away risks of cancer development.
  1. Rice bran oil is also said to reduce allergic reactions among many.
  1. It is also observed that women who use rice bran oil can have significant calming benefits during menopause.

Rice bran oil disadvantages

Rice bran oil disadvantages

We had a look at the benefits of rice bran oil. Now let us move onto discussing more of its side effects.

It is also important to know the disadvantages of this oil to avoid any potential risks.

  1. Sudden or excess use of rice bran oil can lead to stomach issues such as intestinal gas problems, irritated bowels, cramps, etc.
  • It can have certain allergic responses among some people causing inflamed skin and irritation.
  • People with digestive tract problems like intestinal ulcers, blockage of the digestive tract, adhesions, etc., are advised against using rice bran oil.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women must also consider using this oil only after expert recommendations.
  • Too much fiber content can lead to blocking of the digestive system leading to other severe issues.


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