Sugar Knocker Scientific Review – Is It Good For Diabetes?

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As more and more people have made a switch to ayurvedic medicines, instead of allopathic ones for treating diabetes, ayurvedic medicines are on the rise. Diabetes has become a common disease as patients are increasing every time without limits.

This is due to the unhealthy food habits and lack of exercising in most of the cases. Physicians advise mostly the allopathic treatment along with a proper diet to be followed.

But using the herbal supplements will be better to get positive results for treating diabetes as it doesn’t have any side effects. Sugar Knocker is also one such medicine formulated following the Indian Ayurveda doctrines.

This article intends to present a clear and authentic review of Sugar Knocker in a scientific manner. Is it really good for diabetes? Know-how and why this naturally formulated tonic plays a major role in smoothening the daily life of diabetics.

Veggie causing Diabetes

The essence of Sugar Knocker

Starting the service from 2005, sugar knocker has a wide range of customers across the world having a customer satisfaction Ratio Close to 88%. It is completely a natural product that a diabetes patient can rely on for getting better cure with a unique formula.

This product has gotten wide acceptance as the use of herbal medicines for diabetes is attracting people who want to regulate their sugar levels in the blood, to avoid the further complications of the disease.

While using sugar knocker for treating diabetes, patients should take extra care to have a good exercise routine and food habits to get faster results. You can reduce the medications based on the decreasing blood sugar levels following the guidelines along with the product to lead a healthy life.

This nature-kissed solution works straight away on the root cause of high blood sugar levels. When this is done, rest of the complications accompanying diabetes are eventually controlled. You will notice positive change in your glucose readings. So, it is meant to provide a permanent cure by treating the root cause rather than looking for a temporary solution.


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The Ingredients

Adding to this unique formula are the eleven natural extracts and minerals that possess the anti-diabetic properties that speed up the curing process. As the used ingredients are herbs used in traditional ayurvedic medicine user need not have to worry about side effects.

Here are the eleven natural extracts used of sugar knocker:



It is one among the which offers great help in regulating the blood glucose levels. It has high healing properties along with supporting the user by reducing the LDL cholesterol levels.

Blood circulation is improved by the usage of this element in the food supplement, insulin sensitivity of the body is also boosted.

Emblica (Amla)-

Emblica (Amla)

Next major component in this unique herbal product is amla, which has good antioxidant properties. It is used as it has low sugar levels but high fibre content that must be part of the daily diet of a diabetes patient.

Keeping the intestinal tracts clean and reducing the intra-ocular tension to provide powerful eyesight are the other functions of this element.

Eugenia jambolana (Black plum)-

Eugenia jambolana (Black plum)

Insulin secretion from the pancreas can be boosted to a considerable rate when the black plum extract is added to the herbal formula.

Safeguarding of the liver is another speciality of this extract, also the anthocyanin content helps in preventing estrogen-dependant cancer. Regulation of the blood glucose levels is a quality utilised by this medical formula and it can lower cholesterol level.

Momordica charantia (Bitter guard)-

Momordica charantia (Bitter guard)

An impressive factor of using the bitter guard extract is the presence of vitamin C which implies the presence of powerful antioxidants.

This has been used as a home remedy from the olden days for diabetes, can treat spleen and liver problems. The beta cells of the pancreas are preserved by this extract, insulin sensitivity is also improved supporting the treatment of diabetes patients.

Ocimum sanctum (Tulasi)-

Ocimum sanctum (Tulasi)

This plant has an important position in the herbal treatment, it is considered as a natural blood purifier along with giving a glowing skin. Reducing the cholesterol levels are one among the medicinal properties shown by this plant extract, it has the presence of powerful antioxidants.

Heart health is maintained at the best with the help of Tulasi, the stress can also be reduced. This energy booster herbal extract has a role in the balance of nerves, it is a complete pack of benefits.

Curcuma longa (Turmeric)-


Turmeric is another common part of the traditional ayurvedic medication with a wide range of health benefits. Reducing the insulin resistance helps in the regulation of the blood sugar levels, healthy metabolism of the body is maintained. The proliferation and the growth of the fat cells are stopped by the action of turmeric in the body.

Gymnema Sylvestre (Australian cowplant)-


This extract works to reduce the sugar in both blood and urine at the same time. A rapid rise in the blood sugar levels can be avoided by the Australian cowplant as an element in the medicine.

Along with improving the insulin sensitivity in the body, it also helps to regulate the cholesterol levels in the user.

Lagerstroemia speciosalinn (Banaba)-

Lagerstroemia speciosalinn (Banaba)

The banaba extract is suitable for various medicinal purposes, insulin sensitivity of the body is improved when added to the herbal medicine.

It is used for the treatment of patients with kidney disorders, also maintains good health by regulating the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Another important feature of this element is the appetite-controlling nature which helps the user for weight loss.

Tinospora cordifolia (Heart-leaved moonseed)-

Tinospora cordifolia (Heart-leaved moonseed)

It is one among the medicinal plants that provide a better immune system to the user, helping them to fight against the diseases. Glycosylated haemoglobin levels are decreased as this extract shows its effect on the body. Cholesterol levels are maintained to normal values, also it has high anti-bacterial properties.

Pterocarpus marsupium (Vijaysar tree)-

Pterocarpus marsupium

The main function of the extract made from the Vijaysar tree is to regulate the blood sugar levels, cholesterol and triglycerides. Reduces the diabetes symptoms troubling the patients.

It exhibits good antimicrobial properties, has powerful action against certain viruses. This extract also has a role in helping the user to reduce the excess fat that affects the wellbeing of the person.

 Salacia reticulata (Saptarangi)-

 Salacia reticulata (Saptarangi)

This extract supports to regulates the blood glucose levels which is the property required for being added as the medicine for diabetes. It also shows resistance to skin diseases, inflammations and helps in reducing obesity.

Minerals in the sugar knocker combination:


This mineral has a bigger role in regulating blood glucose levels by improving the insulin sensitivity of the body. It is mainly for normalising the levels so if the blood sugar levels go down at a larger rate, it brings it up to a normal value.

Zinc gluconate-

The insulin production from the pancreas is initiated more with the help of this mineral in the medication. The functioning of insulin in the body is promoted properly and regulates the blood glucose levels.

How it Works

Sugar knocker is a natural treatment for diabetes with the addition of extracts and minerals supporting the lowering of blood glucose levels. Always it is advised to have this medicine along with the regular medicines which will eventually help you to reduce the consumption rate of allopathic medicine.

It acts as a natural booster for the insulin sensitivity in the body to prevent sudden changes in the blood glucose levels. Proper diet and exercise should be part of the daily routine to get positive results faster than expected.

Top Benefits of Taking Sugar Knocker as an Allopathic Substitute

  1. People turning to sugar knocker for the treatment can have numerous benefits starting from the regulation of blood glucose levels.
  2. Regeneration of beta cells of the pancreas and providing insulin-like function is the speciality of this medication.
  3. The uptake of the glucose levels by the cells is increased by the usage of sugar knocker.
  4. Helps in the prevention of microvascular and oxidative damages in diabetes patients.
  5. Eliminates the chance of getting affected by diabetic retinopathy which is commonly seen as an aftereffect of diabetes.

Expert’s Advice About Sugar Knocker

Padma Bhushan awardee, Dr.BM Hegde praised sugar knocker for being the medicine that focusses on ‘why’ part of the disease rather than ‘how’.

He believes in a holistic approach to treating diabetes. According to him, nature has a solution for every disease and drugs should never be made the first line of defence.

Another renowned personality, Dr.Seetharaman Prasad also emphasized the significance of Ayurveda in treating a plethora of disease with no undesired consequences. Being naturally immune is the key.

Many people have the belief that only modern medicine can cure them of diabetes. But the experts have proven that this thought is wrong as our traditional natural medicines have a cure for most of the diseases.

Several natural products can support the regulation of blood glucose levels. Ingredients and minerals used in the sugar knocker have the same features, it has shown positive results in many users.

Using this product should be started along with the prescribed medicines, then slowly you can reduce the other medications. Sugar knocker is the best option of herbal treatment that you can adapt to cure diabetes of its root cause.

Usage, Dosage and Price

Sugar knocker is used at the beginning along with the prescribed medicines to prevent the sudden rise in the blood sugar.

When the levels stabilise, medications prescribed can be reduced and eventually be stopped. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and diet will speed up the results obtained from this herbal medicine.

The dosage of the supplement is determined by the blood sugar levels in the patient. It should be checked 15-20minutes before meals and 2hours after meals. For 140-199mg/dl dosage is two capsules per day to be taken in morning and night. If the sugar levels are 200-250mg/dl the required dosage is 3 capsules per day to be taken one with every main meal.

Some patients have the sugar levels above 300mg/dl, they should take 2 capsules each with the main meals, that is 6 capsules per day. More beneficial results of having this herbal medicine are obtained when consumed with the warm water.

The price of the capsules that contain 90 capsules is Rs.1500/- in the market, the product is available for online purchase. The results of the disease may vary for individuals and it should be kept at a cool dry place. Manufacturers advise the users to keep the medicine away from the reach of children, also not to get exposed by the sunlight.

What Customers Say About Sugar Knocker

Most of the customers are happy with the results obtained from the proper usage of the sugar knocker. Being a completely natural product people love to use this as it has no other side effects.

Positive results are obtained when the supplements are taken regularly along with having a proper diet and exercise. The root cause of the disease is treated which helps the patient to recover from this condition completely without other complications.

“Sugar knocker is the best herbal medicine that can be used even while taking other medications for diabetes.  The money you spend for purchasing the sugar knocker is worthier if you are willing to follow the guidelines while using the product.”, one customer added this statement in his review section.

Manufacturers have bagged many positive comments on the effective results of the product, and all the review were given by verified customers who had already bought the product.

Hence, you can trust the product.


  • Being natural, it comes with almost no side effects
  • Patients can use it along with allopathic diabetes medicines
  • Glucose uptake by body cells are improved by this Ayurvedic remedy
  • Enhances insulin production as well as insulin sensitivity of the body
  • Prevents microvascular damage
  • Regeneration of lipid mechanism


  • The product can prove to be expensive for some

Final Thoughts

Sugar knocker is one among the best product available in the market which can be used by the diabetes patients. This is a purely herbal product that can support the person with a stable health state controlling the blood glucose levels.

Although it comes with an expensive price tag, the effectiveness it possesses in treating hyperglycaemia is worth your every penny.

In most of the cases, this unique herbal equation shows better results when consumed at the prescribed dosage regularly. Insulin production in the body can also be regulated with the usage of the sugar knocker fighting against diabetes.

Allopathy treatment can be done along with having this herbal medicine as the combine action can give you faster results. If you are already taking any other medicines, consulting a doctor before using sugar knocker is advisable.

Turn on to this herbal remedy for ailing blood glucose levels and see the benefits in action. Cheers!

How to buy Sugar Knocker?

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