Here are the Top 6 Diabetic Footwears for Men and Women

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Diabetes is a growing condition that is seen in men and women more day by day. It is a disorder of the body’s metabolic system, but it can lead to other severe health disorders.

Among the many symptoms that accompany diabetes, one such is a dysfunction of the nervous system. Some prevalent damages to the peripheral nervous system due to diabetes can get severe day by day.

The right footwear can often make a huge difference in keeping neuropathy out of the way and avoiding discomforts. Today, let us have a detailed look into the right kind of footwear for diabetic individuals. We will talk about …

  • What is the effect of diabetes on the nervous system?
  • Why is the correct footwear necessary?
  • Which are the best diabetic footwear for men and women?

Did you know that footwear is also crucial when it comes to keeping diabetes from affecting your everyday life? Well, now you will be able to understand this better.

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Let us get started!

What is the effect of diabetes on the nerves in the foot?

What is the effect of diabetes on the nerves in the foot?

Problems like Nerve damage are often a consequence of blood sugar issues. Diabetes, although it is a condition of the metabolism but affects the entire body in very severely impairing ways if not controlled well.

If not corrected and prolonged for a long time, any imbalance in the blood sugar levels can hamper the overall functioning of the nerves.

Prolonged heightened blood sugar levels mainly cause it. They can, over time, lead to damage and weakening of the blood vessels. This can decrease the effective functioning of the blood vessels that carry and feed blood throughout the nervous system.


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Improper blood and oxygen supply, along with the blood vessels’ deficient functioning, can lead to the damaging of the nerves themselves. This is a very serious issue for the patients as it causes pain, swelling, and inefficient functioning of many other body systems.

It can not only cause more pain but also lead to numbness and loss of receptive senses. This is often observed in the hands and feet.

Many foot pain and aches arise due to these neuropathic issues caused as a manifestation of diabetes. If these damages are not corrected and prolonged for a longer period, they can lead to severe organ and functioning damage.

Why is the correct footwear necessary in Diabetes?

Why is the correct footwear necessary in Diabetes

Managing and controlling blood sugar issues are highly dependent on the individual’s food habits and daily exercising. But in addition to these necessities, some other extra measures can also prove to be very beneficial.

Footwear and its proper selection can lead to correcting foot problems and pains that are caused as a result of diabetic neuropathy.

There are several exercises, home remedies, techniques, creams, ointments, and endless medicines to address this problem. But a proper way to carry out the maintenance of this good way to keep foot pains away is to shift to diabetes-specific footwear.

These footwears are medically designed to take care of the foot pressure and look into a way to distribute it evenly. In turn, it assists in keeping the pressure on certain portions and certain nerves away.

A good diabetic shoe will also prevent excess movement in the feet when inside the boots. This reduces the risk of joint movement. Overall, such qualities keep a stabilized foot form and help to avoid any deformity.

The shoe’s soles and shape are also designed to provide comfort and hold the foot in place properly. Proper positioning is also a crucial way to include healthy and preventive measures against diabetic neuropathy in the feet.

Such specially made shoes and sandals can keep further pains and discomforts away.

What to look for in a Diabetic Shoe?

What to look for in a Diabetic Shoe

Mentioned below are some specifications to consider by individuals suffering from diabetes when it comes to buying the right pair of shoes:

  • Avoid pointy and edged shoe shapes. Settle for soft curves and structured shoes.
  • Do not wear shoes that have heels for added height.
  • Anything strappy or of the flip-flop must be avoided.
  • Switch to closed and covered footwear types to maintain cleanliness and avoid excess dirt or dust contact with the feet.
  • Do not go for shoes that have a very flat and thin sole.
  • Stick to selecting breathable fabrics such as suede, canvas, or leather. Do not choose plastic materials that avoid proper air circulation to the feet.
  • Choose shoe styles with buckles, Velcro, or laces to make the shoe easier to adjust.
  • Always wear your correct size!

Now, we have some efficient options for you to choose from.

Which are the best diabetic footwear for men and women?

There are various places, brands, sizes, materials, and many such facilities to choose from. Here we have some verified products and styles to assist you in making the right decision.

  1. Propet


Propet is a well-known brand when it comes to making the right diabetic shoe. Their shoes are of commendable quality and often advised to diabetics and others with sensitive feet conditions.

They curate the correct footwear for both men as well as women.

The curators focus on keeping the balance in the foot when within the shoe. They also provide comfort along with style.

They have plenty of different options to choose from as well.

Propet shoes are good for walking and everyday wear and use.

For men, a good Propet shoe is the – Propet life walker strap sneaker.

For women, the Propet Travelactiv Mary Jane is a great choice. It is both stylish and comfortable at the same time.

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  1. New Balance


Another famous and trusted brand when it comes to diabetic footwear is New Balance. Their shoes are also medically designed to favor neuropathic conditions faced by diabetics and other food sensitive patients.

They are well-versed in making comfy and proper shoes to perfect the balance and positioning of the feet.

Their shoes are made from sturdy material to prevent external shocks from disturbing the feet. Moreover, the sturdy fabric maintains a good covering of the foot to ensure protection from dust and dirt issues.

They are comfortable and suitable for any occasion as well. Walking in these shoes is an incentive for your diabetic lifestyle.

The soles are made extra-cushioned to provide comfort to the feet. Many users of these shoes praise the great delivery of the brand and its word to make a good diabetic shoe.

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  1. Skechers


Skechers is a very popular and well-rated brand for a variety of different shoes. They are reviewed greatly for their excellent materials, built, comfortable styles, fancy appearances, durability, etc.

They also make one of the best diabetic shoes. Reviewers have rated diabetic Skechers shoes highly based on their functionality.

They are made to keep the feet protected and away from excess movement risks or imbalanced pressure that can hurt the joints and nerves.

The diabetes-specific designed shoes are also made to feel lightweight. They have enhanced balance features, comfortable and soft in and outsoles.

Moreover, they are rightly flexible, meaning that they allow the feet’ movement properly without causing any harm or risk of aches.

The Skechers Performance Walk 4 is specially designed to be a perfect fit for your walks too. They keep in mind the diabetic neuropathic symptoms and also provide an overall comfortable experience.

They also make women and men styles to suit all needs of the patients.

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  1. Orthofeet


This is a shoe brand that is recommendable for diabetic patients. Its shoes such as the –

Orthofeet 420 Men’s and the Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis flat feet bunions Celina women’s Mary Jane shoes are the top options from this brand for men and women, respectively.

The material – leather, used in these shoes is perfect for diabetic patients and offers extra care and protection.

They are no compromise on the look either. You can pair them up with dressy, formal, or fancy outfits even.

They offer controlled pressure features and enhanced supporting qualities to keep the feet free from risk.

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  1. Comfort Diabetic Slippers

Comfort Diabetic Slippers

It is often advised to diabetic patients to keep socks and shoes on every time. It is a protective method to save the feet from shocks and keep them clean.

With the Dr. Comfort Diabetic Slippers for men, wearing a shoe at times is an easy and rather comfy task. It has the right amount of softness and sturdiness that is required.

You can even skip the socks when switching to these diabetic-safe slippers.

Its soft lining and protected toe-box make it a perfect one.

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  1. Git-Up diabetic slippers

Git-Up diabetic slippers

An everyday wear slipper option for diabetic women is the Git-Up diabetic women’s slippers. They are good for wearing at all times to protect the feet.

It is also specifically made to suit arthritis patients, and thus, it offers extra protection.

They come with memory foam to keep the shoe in good shape. Besides, its closed condition is good to provide safety to the tip of the feet. The soft and strong shoe enclosure is the best feature and fit.

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