Use Of Isabgol For Constipation and Other Safer Alternatives

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At times when 22% of people in India suffer constipation every year, addressing safe and proper precautions, as well as medications for this disorder, is a matter of concern.Usually, Isabgol is the first-most choice of people during constipation. This is undoubtedly a safe and effective remedy.

However, some other alternatives are also available that can be taken to get relief from the disorder. This article conveys the use of Isabgol for constipation and brings into the spotlight a few other safer alternatives for the same.

Many people have constipation issues; they will be looking for the best option to solve this condition. Isabgol, which is known as Psyllium husk, is an excellent remedy to relieve constipation. This product is derived from the seeds of plant Plantago Sativa; this herb produces more health benefits.

Some of them include the property of this plant extract to regulate blood sugar, promote weight loss, reduces cholesterol, and boosts digestion. Isabgol has the presence of both soluble and insoluble fibers supporting the beneficial properties of the herb.

Veggie causing Diabetes

To prevent constipation, insoluble fibers’ action helps the stool to soften and improves the gut movement.

What is the Best Way to Take Isabgol for Constipation?

Isabgol is the best way which is practiced as a home remedy for constipation, diarrhea, and the symptoms of anal fissures. The action of this remedy is boosted by the fiber content in this herbal extract.

When the user consumes Isabgol, it works by binding itself into the partially digested food, passing through the small intestine. With the moisture presence, the herbal medication’s granules expand inside the stomach, which pushes the contents outwards.

The texture of this extract, when in contact with the water, turns to sticky, also it softens the hardened stools by moistening after absorbing water from the surrounding.It is advised to mix two spoons of the isabgol in one glass of warm milk and drink before going to bed.


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Use the dosage after seeking expert advice depending upon your food habits and tolerance to this herbal medicine.

Can Isabgol Worsen Constipation?

The isabgol in the granular form is considered a better solution for the constipation issues and is used by many people since it is herbal medicine. It can take water from the surrounding areas, retaining the water expands many times than the original size of the product.

Even though the isabgol produces good effects for the user, it can give you negative results if not taken correctly. When this herbal medication is taken, the proper amount of liquids should be received by the body as it acts by absorbing water.

If an adequate amount of water is not present in the body, the intake of the isabgol will lead to the condition of bowel obstruction.

This is seen at the worst effects on the people who take these laxatives for long-term usage. Isabgol is the medication that is safer and effective for the problems similar to constipation.

So, while consuming, be careful to include more amount of liquids to avoid worsening your condition.

How Much Isabgol Should be Taken for Constipation?

There are several health benefits by using this herbal medication, used as a dietary supplement by many users. Isabgol is available in the form of husk, granules, powder, or capsules in the market.

The active fiber element present in this medicine composition helps reduce the issues related to constipation. Isabgol is a bulk-forming laxative that acts by absorbing water from the surroundings to increase the stool size relieving constipation.

Dosage advised for the isabgol intake is 5 to 10g at least one time per day, overuse is not better for the medication. While using this herbal product, the user must be careful to drink an adequate amount of water to avoid other adverse effects due to the action of absorbing water.

Beginning with the least quantity, the people can increase if they find themselves tolerable to the contents of the medication. If required, the dosage instructions can be taken from an expert to clarify this herbal supplement’s action.

Other Safer Drugs Used for Constipation

For constipation, there are several laxatives other than the isabgol used as part of medication. They are in the forms of pills, capsules, or liquids. These laxatives are preferred mostly as it gives better results at a faster rate when appropriately used following the instructions.

Some of the other drugs for the treatment of constipation are:



This is a polycarbophil that does great help in controlling the constipation issues in people. It has a similar action to isabgol as it comes under the category of bulk-forming laxatives. When the size of the stool increases, it causes the intestines’ movement, resulting in reducing the hardness of the stool.

While using this medication, it is better to consult a doctor or at least to follow the guidelines in the package to avoid overuse. The dosage of the medicine should be determined considering the medical condition, age, and tolerance to the medicine.



It is another type of bulk-forming laxative supporting the treatment of constipation by smoothening the harder stool.

When this medication is taken, the person should consume more water as it has the property of absorbing the water from the surroundings to increase the size of the stool formed.

This is a kind of oral medication that should be taken under the guidance of a doctor; the dosage should be taken with precision. Adding more water to the medicine is good, but the dosage of medicine must not exceed the standard limits.

Citrucel should be handled carefully as it can cause some allergic reactions in rare cases if it is breathed unknowingly.

If you are taking medications for other diseases, it is better to take Citrucel two hours from the other medications. This is followed as the Citrucel may reduce the absorption rate of other medicines that the person intake.



For the treatment of occasional constipation, Colace is used as one of the medications; it works by stool softening. The amount of water absorbed by the stool in the gut is increased by this medication, which makes the soft and the movement through the intestine is made more accessible.

Usage of colace must be following the instructions given by the physician or looking at the product package. This medicine is usually consumed at bedtime with a large amount of water, and the dosage of medicine should be as prescribed.

Results obtained will vary for individuals based on the medical conditions and tolerance to the medicine. If diarrhea occurs, then the dosage should be reduced, or the medication should be stopped after taking expert advice.

The measuring of the medicine quantity must be done appropriately to prevent the after-effects of the medicine. Colace is not a medication that can be regularly used; if you require to use more than a week, consulting a doctor is compulsory.



This is a medication used in the treatment of problems related to bowel movements. The movement of the food through the gut is increased while consuming this medication as it boosts the intestines’ fluid content.

The texture of the stool is improved; the symptoms of straining and incomplete bowel movements are reduced to a great extent. Children younger than 6yrs should not take this medication as they can be subjected to severe side effects.

Consulting a physician before consuming the medicine is required; intake of trulance can be with or without food as per the doctor’s instruction. Regular medication taken at the same time will give better results. The dose of the medicine should not be increased as it can make you more prone to side effects.


It is another beneficial laxative used for the treatment of constipation, which is consumed by mouth as per given instructions. The working of the kristalose is by improving the bowel movements per day in the user and the number of days when the bowel movements occur.

Water content in the stool is increased to soften the stool texture with the colonic acidifying nature of the medicine. The medication is usually taken once in a day or the dosage, as mentioned by your physician.

Kristalose can be used daily but try to intake it simultaneously as previous days to get good results. The doctor decides the dosage based on your response to the treatment and the current medical conditions.

Effective Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation has become a common health condition these days; many people don’t take proper medication for this problem. Lack of proper bowel movements is the primary reason for this health problem; it is irritating and painful most of the time.

Some of our food habits and lifestyle are the reason for constipation, junk foods, overeating, or any similar actions can boost the risk of constipation. To improve the bowel movements drinking a lot of water or the herbal teas supporting the digestion is a good habit.

Eating fiber-rich foods will control problems like constipation and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can follow some of the home remedies as per Ayurveda treatment to reduce the chance of constipation and to smoothen the bowel movements.

Some of the home remedies for curing constipation are:

  • The first thing an individual should follow is to have a stable diet avoiding cold foods or drinks. Well, cooked food items that to eaten with warmness are useful for improving the bowel movements.
  • Triphala is another magical home remedy used for constipation; it gives you better results when appropriately consumed. The Triphala is consumed in the form of tea or by grinding one-fourth teaspoon of Triphala, half teaspoon of coriander seeds, and one-fourth of cardamom seeds. The dosage of intaking them is twice a day for good results as it has the glycoside that provides laxative properties.
  • Milk and ghee are also considered a home remedy for constipation; one or two teaspoons of ghee can be added to the milk. This mixture is taken during the bedtime to get the gentle relief to constipation.
  • Daily consumption of half cup of fruit pulp of bael with a teaspoon of jaggery will help you reduce the constipation condition. This is consumed before the dinner, having bael sherbet along with tamarind water having added jaggery will also help give you relief.
  • Licorice root is another method to help you escape from the constipation issues. One teaspoon of the powdered licorice root is mixed in one cup of warm water with added jaggery. This herbal root has the properties to promote the individual’s bowel movements; regular consumption should only be after the advice of an ayurvedic expert.
  • Roasted fennel, taken along with one glass of warm water, has mild laxative properties, It can be used based on the patient’s medical condition. Fennel seed can start digestion with the volatile oils present in them, promoting gastric enzyme production.
  • Figs are another best solution to cure constipation, which is used as a home remedy, usually for children. The high fiber content in figs supports natural bowel movements and can be included in the everyday diet to improve digestion.
  • Agar-agar is another home remedy, this is a dried seaweed used by cooking in milk, and it forms a gelatinous substance.

Final Thoughts

People mostly face digestion problems with changing food habits and lifestyle. Constipation is a condition where, due to the lack of bowel movements, the stool gets hardened, causing pain.

Isabgol is a customarily used laxative to overcome this medical condition; it acts by forming a bulk by absorbing water and also softens the stool. There are several similar drugs available in the market that are safer but should be used with a physician’s guidance.

The medications’ results can vary in individuals based on age, medical condition, and tolerance to the treatment.

The suitable medication must be chosen, and the dosage should be maintained correctly to avoid other complications. Sometimes the constipation issues can be solved to a great extent with the home remedies adapted by the ayurvedic treatments.

It is safer without any side effects as all the elements are natural without added chemicals. You can opt for the right treatment considering your health condition and maintain a balanced lifestyle to prevent constipation.

The bottom line is, drink plenty of water daily. Don’t let your body become dehydrated, and you will leave no scope for constipation to come in so quickly.

Staying hydrated is the best solution ever to keep such disorders away.

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