Which Are the Best Sugar-Free Dark Chocolates for Diabetics?

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As a diabetic do you miss out on a chocolaty treat? Well, you do not really have to. Dark chocolates can be a satisfying answer to your cravings. Are you wondering – if dark chocolate is safe for diabetics?  How does dark chocolates affect blood sugar levels?

Well, we have all the answers for you. Let us dig in.

Can Diabetics eat Dark chocolates?

Can Diabetics eat Dark chocolates

Yes! Dark Chocolate can be made a healthy part of your everyday diabetic routine. Chocolate that is unsweetened or sugar-free is the best choice for diabetic patients – especially those with 90% or 99% cocoa. Scroll down to find the top 10 best chocolates for individuals with  diabetes.

Chocolate is made from cocoa seeds. These are originally very low in Glycemic Index and have no harmful effects on the blood sugar levels.

Veggie causing Diabetes

The making of chocolate requires many mixes. It includes milk solids, sugars, cocoa liquors, cocoa butter, etc. Usually, dark chocolates have lesser sugars and higher amounts of pure cocoa.

The health benefits depend on the choice of dark chocolate. Milk chocolates, sugared dark chocolates, etc. are higher in carbohydrates as compared to unsweetened dark chocolates.

Dark chocolate is a very good source of fats and fibers for the body. These nutrients are very important for the good health of diabetic individuals.

Fibers and fats are digested slowly and therefore; do not lead to any high levels of blood sugars. They can a good sweet treat for diabetic individuals.


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Good dark chocolates for diabetics can be very helpful for even reducing diabetes.

Here are some of the innumerable benefits of eating dark chocolate.

6 Benefits of Dark chocolates in Diabetes

6 Benefits of Dark chocolates in Diabetes

1. The fiber in cocoa helps to improve digestion. It encourages slower processing of food and slow release of sugar. Thus, preventing high spikes in blood glucose levels.

2. Eating dark chocolate can also promote insulin sensitivity. It promotes the functioning of the beta cells in your pancreas, which in turn assists in promoting the release of insulin.

3. Dark chocolate can also be good for the heart if you have diabetes. It helps to maintain low blood pressure and a low level of cholesterol.

4. Dark chocolate also has many anti-inflammatory properties. This is very useful in keeping away unhealthy inflammation in the body.

5. Moderate amounts of dark chocolate can be useful in healthy weight management The fiber in chocolates satisfies the appetite and reduces the levels of the hunger hormone in the body. The rich cocoa taste of dark chocolate also makes one feel satisfied for long.

6. Cocoa has phytochemicals that are known as flavanols. These have anti-oxidant qualities and keep the body healthy and free from many diseases as well as chronic conditions.

Daily limits of dark chocolate in Diabetes

Too much chocolate is not good for the body. Excess or uncontrolled amounts of dark chocolates can have reverse effects on health.

For diabetic patients, dark chocolate should be restricted to around two to three squares per day. More than a few squares of dark chocolate can have increasing effects on your diabetic blood sugar levels.

You can have your dark chocolate treat before a workout session. This is a good habit for non-diabetics too. 

Nutrients found in Dark Chocolate

Sl. No.Nutrient foundAmount available% of Daily Value
2.Total Fat14.6g23%
3.Saturated Fat9.1g45%

Dark chocolates are low in sugar. Diabetic chocolate varieties are even devoid of sugars.

They also have low sodium content that is very healthy for the entire body.

Which are the Best Sugar-free dark chocolates for diabetics?

Unsweetened and sugar-free chocolates are deemed safe and recommendable for diabetics.

Unsweetened dark chocolates are richer in cocoa and are also available as unsweetened baking chocolate. It is a lot richer in flavor and has a satisfying effect.

Sugar-free chocolates, on the other hand, are varieties of dark chocolates that make use of low-calorie, or calorie-free sugars. Using these sugars is better for those who suffer from diabetes.

These sugar alternatives are specially made for diabetics and have no ill-effects on the blood sugar levels. Despite safer alternatives, sugar-free dark chocolates must be consumed in limited quantities.

Here are some of the best sugar-free dark chocolates for diabetics:

  1. Amul Sugar-Free Dark chocolate bars

Amul Sugar-Free Dark chocolate bars

One of the most easily available and inexpensive options is the Amul sugar-free dark chocolate.

This dark chocolate variety is sugar-free, that is, it is perfect for your diabetic diet.

It is also a 100% vegetarian option.

It can be your perfect go-to for that sweet craving. Moreover, it has many health and skin-related benefits as well.

You can buy it from here

  1. Amul 99% Cacao Chocolate

Amul 99% Cacao Chocolate

Another very affordable Amul option is the Amul 99% Cacao chocolate. It is made from original cocoa with less processing of the cocoa beans.

It does not have any added sugar that can cause any spikes in the body’s blood sugar levels.

It assures a 100% dark chocolate variety. This chocolate is very rich in taste and has that original cocoa flavor and strength.

The bitterness of the 99% cacao chocolate is comparatively more than other Amul dark chocolates. It has zero added sugars.

This rich original chocolate also does not have any unhealthy vegetable oils or milk solids.

You can buy it from here

  1. Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Squares in Midnight Reverie

Ghirardelli Chocolate Intense Dark Squares in Midnight Reverie

This is a very recommendable and one of the best-rated sugar-free dark chocolate.

The chocolates are divided into a two-bite mini chocolate size. They provide a healthy bite-size option a proper daily limit quantity.

This brand assures 86% cacao and has less than one gran of natural sugar.

The rich taste and quantity are totally worth it for at a reasonable rate.

The Ghirardelli chocolates are smooth, not too sweet, and dark.

You can buy it from here

  1.  MuscleBlaze High Protein Bars in Chocolate Fudge (10 bars)

  2. MuscleBlaze High Protein Bars in Chocolate Fudge (10 bars)

These chocolate varieties are very special and nutritious. Moreover, it is a pleasantly different taste.

They have a very rich blend of protein with zero sugar.

The fudge flavor is very tempting and furthermore, the soft, melting texture is what makes it the best rated one. It is chewy and satisfying.

Protein is a very important supplement that becomes additional goodness to the low-calorie, high-fiber chocolate.

This bar of chocolate is high in protein and low in sugar.

On top of all of that, this brand makes gluten-free protein bars. This is can a great option if you are allergic to gluten.

As a protein bar, this is very filling and provides the body with long-lasting energy.

This not only increases the amount of protein in your daily diet, at the same time, you can also cut off on sugars.

It is a perfect choice for your diabetic diet.

You can buy it from here

  1. Ketofy All Natural SugarFree Intense Dark Chocolate

Ketofy All Natural SugarFree Intense Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates can be both tasty and healthy.

Ketofy Intense Dark chocolate can be used as direct chocolate to satisfy your cravings or can be used in baking as well. Baking with it makes all desserts sugar-free but chocolaty.

Moreover, this is not just sugar-free but also a non-GMO product. What’s even better? They are vegan!

This is amongst the healthiest options out there. They easily melt, be it in your mouth, or the oven when baking.

With taste and health qualities altogether, these chocolate chips are the best brand for baking chocolaty desserts.

You can buy it from here

  1. Hershey’s sugar-free, caramel filled chocolate

Hershey’s sugar-free, caramel filled chocolate

Craving chocolate and caramel but worried about added sugars? Well, here’s your go-to option. The Hershey’s Sugar-free chocolate candy bars.

These are amongst the easiest to find and loved by all.

Hershey’s brings you the best Sugar-free chocolates in the right sized pieces.

It has comparatively 20% lower calories than other chocolates available. It is sugar-free and richly chocolaty and caramel rich.

Each piece is wrapped to perfection and filled with caramel. With sugar-free properties, each piece of chocolate is lower than one carb in all.

You can buy it from here

  1. Zevic Belgian Dark Chocolate– Sugar Free

Zevic Belgian Dark Chocolate– Sugar Free

This is another perfect option for diabetic dark chocolate lovers. It has no sugar and 70% cacao, sweetened with stevia.

Zevic is also low-carb and trans-fat free. Additionally, this chocolate brand offers gluten-free chocolates.

The use of natural sugar-free sweetener like stevia is amazing for diabetics. They do not cause any irregular rises in one’s blood sugar levels.

Each piece is only around two carbs in total. Each serving is a perfect healthy treat and equally tasty.

You can buy it from here

  1. Bogatchi 99% Dark Chocolate

Bogatchi 99% Dark Chocolate

This brand offers many varieties of sugar-free chocolates to choose from. You can find many diabetic chocolaty treats at Bogathchi’s.

Their chocolate products are made out of 100% stone-ground and sugar-free products.

It also uses no sugar alcohols and no artificial sweetening agents. Monk fruit is a recommended natural sweetener for diabetics, used in this chocolate.

The chocolate products are all natural, gluten-free, and GMO-free. With dark chocolate and almonds, Bogathchi’s comes up with the perfect blend of taste and health.

The stone-ground cocoa beans provide an especially creamy texture. This chocolate is another go-to for diabetic chocolate lovers.

You can buy it from here

  1. Nepenthe Keto Culture Dark chocolate

Nepenthe Keto Culture Dark chocolate

This is an excellent combo of many flavored chocolates in one pack. It is Sugar-free and vegetarian.

The chocolates are made of organic cacao. Stevia sweetener is used to maintain a sweet but diabetic-safe chocolaty taste.

The pack contains four flavors – hazelnut, Blueberry, strawberry, and almonds. Thus, it is a very versatile and still safe chocolate type.

It does not have any unhealthy sugars, added preservatives, or artificial flavors. These features ensure a guilt-free treat to your diet.

They have very raw whey proteins that benefit the body. Apart from other benefits, it also helps to maintain low blood sugar levels, which is very crucial for diabetics.

You can buy it from here

  1. Lindt 85% cocoa bars

Lindt 85% cocoa bars

Lindt is amongst the most trusted and high-rated chocolate brands out there.

This brand has a lot of verities in dark chocolate as well. You can go from mixed to 100% sugar-free dark chocolates as well.

The 85% dark chocolate is a healthy chocolate option to include in your diabetic-friendly diet. But make sure, that you are having these in controlled quantities.

Lindt dark chocolates are smooth, rich, tasty, and have minimal effects on your blood sugars.

With, the plethora of varieties available, you can choose your dark chocolate today! Be sure to maintain all health restrictions to prevent any casualties.

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