Is Soy Sauce Bad For Diabetes? Here are 10 Sauces For Diabetes

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Diabetes can make your lifestyle spin around a little. With the diagnosis of this chronic metabolic condition, one has to make some big changes in life. Especially when it comes to food and health, diabetic patients have to pay extra attention.

Sometimes, the tiniest attention to detail can serve a long way. Have you ever rethought what your little serving of Soy Sauce can do to your diabetic health?

Let us know:

  • Is soy sauce bad for diabetes?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • 10 healthy sauces for diabetes

Come on, let us begin!

Veggie causing Diabetes

Is Soy Sauce Bad for Diabetes?

Is Soy Sauce Bad for Diabetes

Well, you can be worry-free with this item in your kitchen. Soy Sauce does not have any bad effects or harmful impacts on the body’s blood sugar levels. It is safe for diabetic health.

As a diabetic individual, one must also pay extra heed to calories in a particular food. Soy sauce is very sorted as the calorie count of soy sauce is very low.

Along with being safe on the blood sugar levels and low in calories, it is a good condiment that does not increase weight. Managing and keeping the body weight normal as a diabetic patient is a must. Adding soy sauce to your food will have no increasing or alarming effects on the matter.

Soy is very rich in proteins. The sauce made from it is also inclusive of the good proteins the bean has to offer.


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Some experiments conducted have also shown that consuming soy can be great for keeping away Type 2 Diabetes.

Moreover, the small quantity of Soy sauce generally used as a condiment is not harmful to the body. It should be kept in mind not to overdo any amounts to maintain this sauce’s goodness and harmlessness.

The main reason that soy does not have any harmful impact on diabetic health is its lesser quantity of consumption.

What are the side effects of Soy Sauce?

What are the side effects of Soy Sauce

As per the amount of soy sauce intake by an individual, the quantity is too low to cause any harm the body. Hence it can be enjoyed without too much worry.

But too much consumption of over intake of soy sauce can cause some problems to one’s health. Let us have a look at some of the side effects that can be caused by soy sauce:

  • Soy sauce is high in sodium It is not recommended for an individual to have high levels of sodium in the body. It can lead to blood pressure issues and also affect the heart and diabetic health.

To avoid this, you can choose low-sodium soy sauce varieties found in the market.

  • Soy sauce is also rich in phytates. This is an element that can reduce the body’s capacity to absorb minerals.
  • As it is derived from beans, Soy sauce has to go through a lot of processing. This, in turn, adds chemical products that can result in harm to the body. It is also recommended that diabetics reduce the consumption of highly processed foods; thus, this sauce must be taken in smaller amounts.

There are times where you can avoid this sauce when not necessary and stick to lesser amounts to maintain good health.

Moreover, we have some other sauce alternatives that you can choose from as a diabetic. Let us have a look at those.

10 Sauces that are Safe for individuals with Diabetes

  1. Mustard Sauce

Mustard Sauce

Mustard is a very common and excellently useful spice. The yellow, aromatic, and delicious sauce made from mustard is also great in terms of health.

If you are a diabetic, you do not have to rethink adding this sauce to your food. It is safe and among those foods that fall on the ‘free foods’ list for diabetics.

It is pretty low in calories, carbs, fat, and therefore perfectly fits one’s diabetic diet as a condiment option. Still, it is great to have a controlled amount and intake only one tablespoon of this sauce.

Mustard is also known for its medicinal and remedial qualities and can have positive impacts on health.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Although not as popular as a sauce because of its texture difference, the vinegar is also a healthy and safe condiment option for a diabetic.

Be it over your salad, on your pickles, with noodles, as a taste enhancer, or cooking agent, the vinegar is very useful. It is also available in a variety of types.

Many types of vinegar are even recommended for diabetic and obese individuals.

They are low in carbohydrates, calories, salt, as well as sodium.

  1. Salsa


The popular salsa is one of the healthiest sauce options, especially for diabetics. Fresh tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and spices make great health as well as taste combination.

Mostly all salsa varieties are low in calories and carbs and also have minimal fats.

It is very versatile as a sauce, dressing, dip, gravy, etc. Make sure you do not overdo the main meal alongside your salsa.

  1. Chimichurri sauce

Chimichurri sauce

This herbs and spices sauce is a common salad dressing as well as a side relishing dip. The ingredients are all diabetic friendly and add up to make a great tasty and tangy sauce.

It is absent of direct sugars and, therefore, also absent of any carbs. It has low calories and low fat, making it a great addition to your meal without adding any extra carbs or calories.

It is also free from cholesterol, so heart patients can also have it without any worries.

Best part? You can make your chimichurri sauce at home! Just grab some fresh parsley, garlic, some oregano, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper, and combine to make your sauce!

  1. Yogurt sauces


Well, you might know the goodness of Greek yogurt as a diabetic. Also, you can opt for Greek and Turkish yogurt sauces as well.

The thick creamy, garlicky, and freshly minted yogurt sauces truly add some extra flavors to your food.

It is incredibly easy to make at home. What more? It can be combined with several food choices and dishes. Be it a salad, some sandwich, seafood, fried food, etc.

Ensure you opt for diabetic-friendly and healthy varieties if you are looking for that extra added safety in your condiments.

  1. Mayonnaise


Well, yes, it is high in fat, but it is all good fat! The key lies in choosing the best and portion control when it comes to such food items and sides.

Mayonnaise is among the most popular and commonly used sauces. As a spread on your bread, burger, as a side with your fries, some in your salad, etc., mayonnaise makes it all better.

If you are looking for the diabetic-safe type, you should go for mayo that is made using healthier fats. An example of one such healthy fat is – olive oil.

On top of that, it is also safe for a diabetic. Remember not to overdo the quantity of mayo you consume as it may lead to fat accumulation. Stick to one serving or the recommended amount as per the pack.

You can even prepare your safe mayo at home.

  1. Hummus


This Mediterranean dip has become a world-famous one.

Made from crushed chickpeas, the hummus stands as one of the healthiest and recommended sides for a diabetic patient.

Chickpeas are rich in fiber, proteins and also low in sugar.

This option works as a sauce, dip, dressing, or spread. You can even make it easily at home.

You can enjoy two tablespoons of this sauce as a daily side to add more taste.

  1. Hot sauce

Hot sauce

Are you a fan of the hot, spicy, tongue-tingling taste of hot sauces? Well, guess what? They are great for you!

Hot sauces are also among the safe sauce and free food options for a diabetic patient. The spices in this raise your senses.

This is less in calories and can be easily added without worrying about increasing the total calorie or carb intake.

Hot sauce is also incentivizing your diabetic appetite. It helps to avoid excess consumption of calories and fills the stomach, and satisfies the taste buds at the same time. 

  1. Salad dressing oils

Salad dressing oils

Probably not so much of a sauce option, but still, as a common side and condiment, the salad dressing oil can also be a great diabetic safe addition.

There are certain oils specifically available to fulfill your diabetic needs. Some of the healthy salad oils for a diabetic include – extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil, avocado oil, etc.

Make sure to make a low-calorie salad dressing using these healthy and safe oils. Furthermore, keep a check on the amount of salt you add to your salad dressing oils.

Restrict to healthy and moderate portion sizes to avoid any mishaps or health risks.

  1. Sweet Pickle relish

Sweet Pickle relish

Who doesn’t like a tinge of sweet and tangy as a sauce by the side? Well, the sweet pickle relish makes a great sweet and sour combo to enhance the flavor of your meals.

One tablespoon of this pickle is only around 5g of carbs. This is a very minimal amount and would cause no harm to one’s blood sugar levels. To ensure safety, stick to one serving only.

You can try various varieties of the sweet pickle relish and even attempt to make it by yourself at home.




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