Does Diet Soda Raise Blood Sugar? (10 Healthiest Options)

Does Diet Soda Raise Blood Sugar? 10 Healthiest Diet Sodas

Diet sodas are a great alternative to otherwise regular sugary beverages. They are good for keeping the overall carbohydrate intake low and calories in check. Does Diet Soda Raise Blood Sugar? It has been scientifically proven that Diet soda does not lead to sudden rises in blood sugar. But over time, it can be risky … Read more

6 Best Sweeteners for People with Diabetes


Diabetes patients have to follow a proper diet to prevent the spike in blood glucose levels. Regular sugar cannot be included in the diet as it comes with higher calorie values which will worsen the condition. Sugar substitutes are the product that diabetes patients can depend on their food and beverages. It has low-calorie content, … Read more

Does Stevia Spike Insulin? 5 Best Sweeteners for Diabetes


Stevia is one of the most common diabetic-safe sweeteners. But before we can jump into the details of it, let us know what it is. Does Stevia Spike Insulin Levels? Yes, Stevia does spike insulin levels in the body. However, this is very mild, compared to the insulin response to other artificial sweeteners. However, most … Read more

Does Aspartame Raise Blood Sugar? 9 Side Effects

Does Aspartame Raise Blood Sugar? 9 Side Effects

A life with diabetes asks for many compromises. There are many restrictions on food habits, choices, everyday activities, and so on. All of this is aimed to keep the body and its blood sugar levels healthy and within control. But there is no need to be in fear of missing out on many of your … Read more

9 Dangers of Aspartame as an Artificial Sweetener [2023 Update]

9 Dangers of Aspartame

As a doctor, I am always looking out for the health and well-being of my patients, especially those living with diabetes. While there are a variety of artificial sweeteners on the market, aspartame is one that has been the subject of much controversy in recent years. Aspartame is often used as a low-calorie alternative to … Read more