Yogasanas For Controlling Diabetes

Yogasanas For Controlling Diabetes

Introduction Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that requires continuous monitoring & control. Yoga therapies along with the medicinal therapies are equally demanding nowadays. Diabetes affects multi systems of the body so it’s mandatory to maintain the wellbeing of the body of a diabetic person. Physical inactivity is the major cause for diabetes as per the … Read more

9 Dangers of Aspartame as an Artificial Sweetener [2023 Update]

9 Dangers of Aspartame

As a doctor, I am always looking out for the health and well-being of my patients, especially those living with diabetes. While there are a variety of artificial sweeteners on the market, aspartame is one that has been the subject of much controversy in recent years. Aspartame is often used as a low-calorie alternative to … Read more

15 Leaves That Can Help Control Diabetes

15 Leaves That Can Help Control Diabetes

Diabetes can be managed through lifestyle changes, including dietary modifications. One way to modify the diet in order to control diabetes is by incorporating certain types of leaves into it. This article will discuss 15 different leaves and their potential benefits for controlling diabetes. The properties of these leaves have been studied extensively in numerous … Read more

What is the Best Diabetic diet during Pregnancy for Indians?

Diabetic diet during Pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy can have two major forms. Either it can be gestational diabetes which develops particularly during diabetes and doesn’t have any past history or it can be ongoing diabetes of type 1 or type 2 with which the person is already diagnosed and that further creates the need for more intense care throughout … Read more

What to do when Blood Sugar is High?

What to do when blood sugar is high

Increased blood sugar, particularly referred to as “Hyperglycemia” in scientific terms is a condition that arrives when blood sugar levels of the body increase beyond the normal range. ‘What to do when blood sugar is high’ is a common issue faced by most of the individuals with Diabetes. What actually happens is that to keep … Read more

Best Indian Diet Plan for Diabetes control

Best Indian Diet Plan for Diabetes control

Studies have revealed that following an Indian Diet Plan for Diabetes is the best treatment for bringing excellent blood sugar control. A perfect meal plan including more lean protein, low glycemic index carbohydrates, and a good amount of HDL can promote proper blood sugar management and alleviate diabetes-related complications. Here is the  list of the … Read more

10 Useful Tips To Support A Non Compliant Diabetic Husband

Non Compliant Diabetic Husband

Are you struggling to support your non-compliant diabetic husband? It can be challenging and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to remain this way. As a diabetes expert, I’m here to offer 10 useful tips that can help get you on the path toward the successful management of your spouse’s condition. Diabetes is no small matter; … Read more